Sunday, March 7, 2010

What we liked best....

While eating dinner today, we asked the kids what they liked best about having Grandma and Grandpa Johnson here for the week. Here are there responses...
Will: Will liked showing Grandpa his pee in the toilet, because Grandpa is very good about being dramatic about things of this nature..(What?! Grandpa dramatic!!!! No way!)

Lund: I liked how Grandma read to me EVERY night!!!

Sarah: I liked swimming at the pool with Grandma!

Cassidy: I liked going to the pool. I also liked beating Grandpa at Monopoly!

Morgan: I liked having them around to talk to... but my favorite was coming back from Chemo on Monday and finding all was well here at home AND my mom had made one of my favorite recipes from my childhood: chicken enchiladas with whole corn in it....yummy!

Christa: I liked the calm spirit in our home while they were here. I also liked how they were great at diffusing sibling rivalry with the greatest of ease! Also, you can't complain when your garage gets cleaned 3 times in one week! Oh, and the laundry, bathroom, and house in general were sparkly!!

We were sad to see them pull out this morning after church, but I am sure they need a week or so of napping to recuperate!
p.s. I feel bad for not taking many pictures of them interacting with the kids this week. I wasn't feeling good enough to take pictures (I must have been feeling pretty bad if I'm not up to photographing EVERYTHING!)

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Jeremy and Ruth said...

You are so luck you were able to have them there, and they were very lucky to be able to be there! I love cassidy's blog!!