Friday, March 5, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham, Green Eggs and Ham.... I do not like Green Eggs and Ham!

This morning was something of a holiday here in Bagdad. It was the annual "Green Eggs and Ham" breakfast at the Elementary school to celebrate Dr. Suess's birthday. Since all of my kids except Sarah are off on Fridays, we left it up to the kids if they wanted to go. But once Sarah woke up this morning at 6am, we realized it WASN'T OPTIONAL in her mind! She ran around the house saying things like, "The Dr. Suess breakfast starts in an hour, wake up!!" "You don't want to miss this, get out of bed!!" So, we quickly realized that we had better comply. I took a pain pill so that my aching bones would be able to stand all the excitement, and we each dressed up a little bit. I want to see which one of you smart viewers can figure out which character I am... I will give you a hint, "Do you like my hat?".... now you have to tell me which Dr. Suess book it is from?

Thank you Morgan for making my hat on such short notice!! In this picture we are posing with "the Cat in the Hat" and Sarah's buddy Canyon. Sarah thought she was letting me in on a secret when she whispered in my ear, "the Cat in the Hat is actually Mr. Mentzer!" Thanks Sarah!
Brave Canyon tries his green eggs..... (I am still NOT a fan of green eggs!)

Here we are, the Johnson gang! Thank you Papa Lund for bringing 3 different Dr. Suess ties with you!


brook said...

Am I the winner?! Your character is from Go Dog Go. I'm sure that if Jacob or Ben read this, they could also tell you that right away.

nickndest said...

Daisy Head Maisy. Looks fun!

Alexis said...

yeah I guess Ben and Jacob are too late...But "Yes, I like your hat. I like your party hat!"