Sunday, February 7, 2010

Will turns 4 !!

I can't believe that 4 years have gone by so fast!! When Will was born, I was in the hospital for a week with him and that whole week, he and I watched the Winter Olympics while bonding. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a commercial for the Winter Olympics and I knew what that meant.....No, it didn't mean that my speed skating was up to par, what it meant was that Will was actually born 4 years ago!!! Crazy!!
I pulled the "cancer card" and got his cake at Costco this year...of course it was triple chocolate, cuz he is MY son!!!

Here Will is before church today with his new remote control car, and of course, his sippy cup. Cassidy told him today that he is now too old for his sippy cup. I told her that we will tackle that this summer, when chemo is over. Pick your battles, I say!
Here are his pre-church model pictures... he is going for demure here!
now he is going for SEXY!!
My next pictures are mixed up a bit, but no stress! Here is Will eating chocolate cake and playing with his new legos that his brother got him.
We celbrated his birthday at 9am on Saturday morning because Morgan had to get to Prescott for some church meetings. But, my kids were up for cake that early....why not?
Again, he is enjoying his Toy Story Lego set...
I like this picture because Lund is showing Will how to play Legos. Will sure looks up to Lund! Will knows how much Lund loves his Legos, so he waits until Lund goes off to school and then you can find him in Lund's room on his belly in front of all the Lego's trying to emulate his brother.
Blowing out the candles!
I love this picture because his face looks a little leary of the candle fire...
I am really scared that I have a child old enough to light the candles..... Wowzers!!
Here is Cassidy playing with Will's nerf gun... isn't she the one that just lit the candles????!!! Scary!! This is the present Cassidy got for her brother (or maybe for herself....hummmmmm)
Will is going to play T-ball this year on Sarah's team. He is really excited and he got this present to help him get ready. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Johnson.

This is what Sarah got Will. It is a backpack that has a sleeping bag in it, a flashlight and a water bottle. It has a picture of monsters on it and Will says it is his "Monster hunting back pack!" Thanks Sarah!
P.S. we would also like to thank Grandma and Grandpa Wiemer for the Mega Blocks set, which he loves dearly but is not pictured here.


Krista said...

Happy Birthday Will. They grow up so fast! I promise I will get that recipe to you eventualy. It is upstairs and my computer is downstairs so that is my excuse. lame I know.

nickndest said...

Man he looks so much older. Like a boy instead of a toddler. Looks like some fun new toys.

Sara said...

As a sporadic babysitter of your children, I must say that 4 years does indeed seem to be gone wayyyyy to quickly and I'm too young to feel this old! Oh, and for Cassidy's information, well into high school it was not unheard of for me to add a tupperware sippy lid to my cups. Harder to spill that way.