Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sneaking pictures in before church.... sadly, that meant I was late AGAIN!

I just couldn't help it!! The kids had their hair combed, they were even being somewhat nice to each other. So, before church a couple of days ago I snapped a lot of pictures to capture the "niceness" of it all. But, of course this meant we arrived late for church. Morgan gave me a questioning look from the stand where he and his counselors sat. He just figured one of the kids had a meltdown or something, so when I told him that it was a photo shoot that made us late... he told me I should take the pictures only if I am on time. I told him, "I was on time.... before I got my camera out!!!" he he!! I will have to work on my honesty... I should have just said it was a meltdown, those happen here all the time.
Will and Lund being chummy after being coerced
Will isn't so sure he wants to get chummy with Sarah... I think she had just scomped him on the Wii.

Will loves to be fierce. I am pretty sure he was a lion here.

This is one of my favorites cuz they are both happy. (Notice the Cars belt that Will insists on wearing. )
Sarah with her huge, "I can do no wrong" eyes! She gets away with a lot because of those eyes!

Cassidy is 11, I can't believe it!! Doesn't she look all grown up lately??!!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

The kids look great in their Sunday best. Can't wait to see them
Love, Grama Karen and Papa Lund

Alexis said...

Your kids are beautiful!! I love the boys pics with the brown/blue. Will looks so mature---maybe it's because he is sitting still!! :)