Monday, December 7, 2009

Has Your New Version Come Out Yet?

This is Morgan once again, and no, I am not trying to make blog entries a regular thing, but there are times when I do feel the need to offer a slightly different perspective on all things breast cancer in our family.
I was taking an inventory of myself and our family yesterday (it’s what I do, I work in supply chain remember),and I have noticed some changes. Apparently, like Microsoft did to Windows XP, our Heavenly Father has taken a look at our family and decided it is time for a new version. Also like Windows XP, I didn't really think that there was anything wrong with the version we had. The old version was doing everything that I thought I wanted it to do so why mix things up?
Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily think that Christa was purposefully given breast cancer or that we are being punished for any shortcomings. On the contrary, I am more apt to believe that this whole thing is a product of our mortality. However, I do believe that we have been given, and are currently being blessed with, all of the tools we need to not only get through this challenge, but to get through it as a stronger, better, and closer family. For example, I cannot look back at this last year in particular without recognizing countless tender mercies that were given when and where we needed them in order to prepare us for this. We continue to be surrounded by them now. They were given to us before as a preparation, and are given to us now as answers to prayers. Thank you for those prayers.
We are currently sitting in the "chemo room" at the hospital waiting for the first dose to be finished. It is taking a lot longer than we had anticipated, but I will let Christa fill you in on that later. Did I mention how much I love that woman? You may or may not know that her last post about falling down was done for me. You see, I was pretty out of sorts after that fall. Christa = strong / Morgan = weak. I felt terrible and the memory kept replaying in my mind. It was a grating, caustic memory, and I wasn't even the one who fell. I believe that she wrote that post in the whimsical way that she did in an attemtp to temper and dampen it for me. And, temper it she did. She took the time to take the edge off of what I was feeling, even though I could do little or nothing for her discomfort.
It is through these acts, the least of which I just described, that Christa has joined forces with our Heavenly Father to push through what I will refer to Morgan 2.o (two point oh). I don't quite know what to think yet about Morgan 2.0. This new version is definately built on a more humble platform. It also had an extra 200 Mhz of gratitude for its blessings. The boot-up to tears time has also been greatly reduced. This new version will take some getting used to, but I suppose it will work out.
Hopefully we are jumping straight to the Windows 7 and skipping right over Vista.


Anonymous said...

Morgan~ I was thinking of you and your family all day. I SO appreciate the blog posts you put up when Christa cant. I love you and wish I could help more. Thank you for keeping us updated, and for being so kind and gentle and amazing to Christa. I cry through every freakin blog you post. You and your family are SO great and I know you will pull through.


Alexis said...

Thanks for the perspective Morgan---It's a good thing you and Christa are BOTH such great writers:)

Erin said...

Morgan... I definitely think you should be a regular post-er.

nickndest said...

Love the analogy. Its inspiring to hear thankfulness instead of woe is me. Maybe Morgan 2.0 will include some cool features and a faster processing speed:) Love you guys.

Bonnie Hynes said...

Thanks for the updates morgan, you are a funny guy...I knew I liked you. Tell Christa we love her to, and thanks again for keeping us guys are definitely on our minds.

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

I can't help but recall the words Lehi used to describe Jacob's youth trama growing up with Laman and Lemuel(an anthropomorphic cancer of sorts) when he said:1 AND now, Jacob, I speak unto you: Thou art my first–born in the days of my tribulation in the wilderness. And behold, in thy childhood thou hast suffered afflictions and much sorrow, because of the rudeness of thy brethren.
2 Nevertheless, Jacob, my first–born in the wilderness, thou knowest the greatness of God; and he shall consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain.
2 Nephi 2:1 - 2)
I guess if you must travel with affliction it is nice to know that it will be consecrated for your gain. God and Angels be with you.

annebabe said...

Morgan- you are the perfect match for Christa, the yin for her yang, really. And I loved your sentiment about how cancer is not a punishment but merely one facet of your mortal experience, an opportunity for growth. Morgan 2.0 will be a great operating system, I hear there are extra components designed to sleep less, travel better and smile longer. :)

Gwen said...

I know the pain of installing a "new version" and I would NEVER recommend such an upgrade...except for the fact that you will be eternally grateful for the enhanced capabilities of the resulting new program. It is essential for your eternal purposes. I know (& you know) that everything will get better and better and better, but for now, it is too much to reconcile. We love you and we pray for you each day.