Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Does this shirt make my head look bald??!!

I found a very humorous t-shirt online that says.. "does this shirt make my head look bald?" and that is just a little preview of my blog entry today.
Yesterday, Morgan and I went to Phoenix to do one of our marathon trips. We had three doctors appointments and it was a very long day. The first appointment was with my Oncologist, who will be in charge of my chemotherapy treatments. We will be starting my chemo treatments next Monday and I guess I am a bit nervous for this new experience in my life. Because I am young, they are going to give me a very powerful dose of chemo because my body can take it---so they say. Also, one of the perscriptions the nurse gave me had be baffled for a minute, let's see if you can figure it out. It is a prescription for a "cranial prosthesis"... any ideas as to what it is??? Just think for a minute!!!!
o.k.......... enough time..... It is a prescription for a wig!!! he!he!!! Funny huh? I guess that is how it has to be billed to the insurance company. Silly! I guess one of my three chemo meds is pretty much a guarantee that I will lose my hair within the first week or so after my 1st chemo. Enough about the bald thing... I am over that now, I think I will let each of my kids have a pair of scissors and each have a chance to cut moms hair!!! Well, maybe not Will, I need my ears!!!
Then we went on to meet the Radiologist, but radiation won't start until after chemo... so I am not really concentrating on that right now. I have enough on my almost bald head to worry about!
Then came the painful appointment... the plastic surgeon. he ripped off my steri-strips that were holding my incisions together... argg! And then for the good stuff--- he stabbed a needle into a speical valve in my chest and filled my spacers with 180cc each. Let me just tell you that this was the most painful thing that has ever happened to me while sitting in a chair calmly at a doctors office. Now I have two rocks on my chest and I feel like my skin is ripping apart and my ribs are going to crack. Good news though-- this is normal! And guess what, some people go through all of this ON PURPOSE! I am thinking right now that large chests are definitley overrated!! Well, enough complaining... life is beautiful and I am so glad that we have medical miracles like chemotherapy, radiation, and yes, even reconstruction!


T. Sipes said...

I just love reading your blog because you always sound so positive (even if you are just faking it for the readers sake). I love you and your family and am gratefull that I get to help with Will and the other kids. We love you guys!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even with what your going through you still are putting others at ease and uplifting. What an amazing Woman you are!I have been following your blog or " stalking" which ever you want to choose. :)
James ask how your doing everyday and we are all keeping you all in prayer. May God give you peace.
God Bless

Shelly said...

I still get sick just thinking of that "red devil" -the chemo that makes you lose your hair-you'll see =(. I cannot believe you got 180cc's at one time-I get 60cc's each time and im dying, I can only imagine what that must feel like. Im so glad you got a recliner that your comfy in-it will soon become your best friend!! You have such a positive attitude and are so full of life and happiness. Keep that with you through this journey no matter how tough it gets. Good luck next week and I hope you find a good wig =)

nickndest said...

I think you radiate happiness, and you will even bald. Thats sounds fun to have youre kiddos cut your hair. I miss ya and send you a virtual kiss:0

Bonnie Hynes said...

I love that you finish the entry with "Life is beautiful"! you are amazing. I am so jealous that papa and gramma got to hang out with you and your family! I'm glad they could help though. Love you guys.