Sunday, November 29, 2009

My "Magic" Recliner

The "Magic" Recliner, right next to my Wall of Happiness, which is where I put all the cards, drawings from kids and other well wishes. It gives me sooo much strength and many smiles!
Guess what??? I slept through the night last night, through the WHOLE night!! I didn't have to get up once for a pain pill or try to make myself comfortable or anything!! This is the first time I have slept through the whole night since my surgery, and it felt WONDERFUL when I woke up this morning! I was able to get up and make it through sacrament meeting and even stay for Lund's talk in Primary. Yea!!!

So you are probably wondering what was the change that happened in my life to make this wonderful feat possible... Well, I will tell you, and you have to keep it a secret. I have a MAGIC chair! No kidding, it is truly magical!!! You see, I haven't been able to sleep really well in a bed since my surgery, so I have been sleeping in my old recliner in my room that has seen better days...years really. Well, on Friday night in the middle of the night I thought to myself... "this is enough! This chair isn't working out!" The next morning, after not sleeping much at all, I told Morgan of my plan. We were going to farm out three of the kids and drive into town to get a new recliner... cause I needed some sleep! It all worked out wonderfully and we found my magic recliner at Sam's Club (It just happens to match our bed set we bought at Sam's Club perfectly, what did I say... it is magical!)

So, now I have a magical recliner and I am soooooooo excited at the difference one chair can make in my life!!

Here I am with all my gear in my chair.. I have my lap top, my pillows, my books, and usually a chocolate or two hidden close by!

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Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

I do believe that sleep is soooo important. Glad that you are getting a full night's worth. We send our love across the miles.
Mom and Dad Johnson