Sunday, December 13, 2009

All's Well that Ends Well...

This week was a bit of a trial for me and I am glad to see that it is over and all is well that ends well.
It was my first time going through chemotherapy and it was a new, crazy experience for me. I wasn't quite ready for the down time that comes with the chemo treatments and this one was a doozy for me and hopefully we won't have a EVER. Now, after a week of being really, really, really sick and a special trip to the ER yesterday I am back to "normal" again and ready to fight this cancer thing some more. Hopefully, I can have a few weeks off before I get attacked by that silly "chemo monster" again.
But alas, the week is over and behind me so I don't want to dwell on it any longer....enough said!!! Suffice it to say... it was a long week!!!
But I wanted to spotlight for a second a few of the cute things my kids have been saying or doing lately....
Cassidy: She has been busy as a bee with her friends and school lately and is so full of fun, drama, and her "band". She makes up a "band" virtually everyday and hires new members of her band, pays them a few pennies here and there and "hires" new managers and directors constantly. She is a tough cookie to work for!
Lund: He is as serious and studious as ever. He is constantly wondering and pondering. I sure do love that kiddo! He is really enjoying walking up to his friend's house, "the pacheco's" and wrestling and hanging out up there.
Sarah: She has just been so sentimental and loving as always. when my sister, Becky, was here in Bagdad helping us during chemo this week, Sarah went up to her and said, "You are just so pretty!!! I just have to hug you because you are so beautiful!!" What a cute comment!!!! Love her!!!
Will: He is our "connection to reality" because he keeps us grounded in real life. He comments all the time and his comments seem to come out of nowhere. Like for instance yesterday we pulled up in front of Morgan's office for a brief minute and Morgan got out to run into the office. While Morgan was gone Will said, "Where is he going?" I replied that he was just running into his work office. " Well, do they make brownies?" was Will's quick response. "What do you mean, do they make brownies?" "Well," Will responded, "Do they make brownies or coconuts?" ... So now we know what Morgan does for a living, he makes brownies and coconuts.

To all who who know who you are: Yes, I am talking to you!!!! I am talking to everyone out there that have been making my life HEAVEN lately by being angels in the life of myself and my family. Whether you have brought in a meal, taken one of my kids to school, sent a card to cheer me up or just been there with a smile.... I want to say to each and everyone of you that I LOVE YOU!!! You make life worth living and my family has been touched everyday by you!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!


Bonnie Hynes said...

YAY, Christa seems to be feeling better!!! Hooray! Thanks for the constant updates...looks like I'll be seeing you guys in February!! Aside from the circumstances, I am so excited to finally be making it to bagdad!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

Christa i'm soo happy to hear from yoU! We have been praying constantly for you and your family!! Love you guys soo much!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better. You are an amazing woman, with an amazing support system. I am proud to say that I know you, and your amazing family. Stay strong, and know that the Idaho Wilsons think about you everyday.

Love you!