Friday, November 27, 2009

What happened to the turkeys that weren't pardoned? Well, we ate them of course!! (This is not a vegetarian friendly blog entry)

The wonderful people gathered together (I like how Lund has his scriptures ready for his Thanksgiving spiritual thought)
And of course, the star of the event, all the food!
We had a wonderful Turkey Day this year and our menu was complete with a smoked turkey (Morgan) a regular turkey (Grandma Karen) and many more ammenities that were scruptious. We even used my sisters yam recipe from last year complete with cinnimon butter (yummy).
I didn't include myself in this picture because I was wearing a sexy germ mask due to four sick kiddos. Not the best time to take a picture. When Will saw me come in with a mask on he said, "Oh, are we playing doctor today?" That is how his mind thinks and I love it!
I truly have so many things to be thankful for this year, at the top of my list would be modern medicine since my brother (Type 1 diabetes) and I would never have survived without it. How blessed we are to live in this modern day and age.
I am not excited for my chemotherapy to start, but I am excited for it to be over, so I guess that means... starting it. The radiation doesn't scare me as much and will come after the chemo. It is only like 15 minutes a day five days a week for six weeks. But I might have to move to Phoenix to do my radiation treatments and I am very, very sad to leave my family for that long. But, we will cross that bridge when we get there.
Love you all and hope you made great memories yesterday with family and friends. And to quote Morgan today, "life is full of good times and bad times and it is just everyone's hope that the good times outnumber the bad." And if you look around.... the good always outweighs the bad, plain and simple!


Strong Family - said...

I'm sure you and that germ mask look awesome together. I'm glad you were home and well enough to eat turkey. Thinking about you always!!! Lauree

Farr Family said...

Hope you had fun with your family. We love you lots!!! You are such a strong, determined person!!! You are such a great example to me. Hope you are doing well. Your kids are beautiful!!
Love ya lots, Kimberly and the boys

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

recliners are the little bit of Heaven here on earth. I call mine my revelatory recliner because I get such good inspiration in my hynopomic state when I rest there. Very glad to here you are feeling better and are NOT coughing.