Sunday, November 8, 2009

oh look! my reconstruction is complete (not really!)

Tonight we had some wonderful family time playing "Charades for Kids". We had a blast playing boys versus girls since the numbers are even that way. And wouldn't you know it? Those boys just barely beat us!! After the game was over, we got out a punching balloon for everyone in the family and had a grand 'ole time. These are the memories I hold close to my heart.... just the fun family moments on a Sunday evening....

here are the girls with their balloons...

And here are those silly boys as well. Good luck blowing that up Will!

And looky here!! No need to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy reconstruction. You can get these babies at the dollar store. The kids thought they were soooo funny with this one!!!! This is just the kind of jokes you have to be willing to put up with in my boat...And frankly, you have to be able to laugh at yourself and let others (your children mainly) see you joking this way!

I think she is going to have twins any minute!!! What a beautiful smile!!! She was sooooo proud of herself!!!
Sarah also drew a face on her balloon! She draws the cutest stuff!!!!

And this is such a cute story... Morgan and I try to go on short walks every evening and Will ran up to us tonight before we went and said... "o.k. I am ready.. I want to go with you! I even have shoes on!!" This is such a cute memory... Those are Lund's shoes, his Bob the Builder toolbelt, and of course underwear. And he thought he was ready to conquer the world!!


T. Sipes said...

Love the new boob job and you saved alot of money doing it yourself. I also love Sarah's baby. What fun times.

Anonymous said...

I just love all the fun pictures. It's just so wonderful that you have this blog and share all the moments with us.
Love Penny

nickndest said...

Fun! I miss you guys. And of course, Colter misses Will.