Sunday, November 8, 2009

Now that's Dedication!!!!

Yesterday my parents came all the way up from the Valley (3-hours away), to get their H1N1 (swine flu) shot! They have tried to get it in the Valley, but the lines are just too long, there seems to be a shortage there. The Bagdad Clinic has been EXTREMELY great to work with and they came down on a Saturday to let them get their shots. What a blessing!!
It is important that they have it because while I am in chemo and while I am recovering from surgery, my immune system will be extremely low so those around me have to get immunized. On Friday, we also marched all the kids over to the clinic and they got their swine mists as well. Hopefully, we will have a relatively healthy winter this year!!

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Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

A shot and some hugs from grandkids makes the long journey short. We are taking our vitamins so when we come we will be healthy. The picture of Randy surrounded by Johnson children is great!