Saturday, October 31, 2009

"All Hallows Eve" a.k.a. Candy Feast 2009

So... the kids are finally asleep after their sugar rush hit rock bottom. It was a great day and we are definitely about 3,000 calories heavier, but we have smiles all around.

We had a bit of an eventful Halloween this year because we also had our first professional family pictures ever! 12 years, isn't that crazy!!! Yes, I know... we procrastinate a bit! A professional photographer came to Bagdad and we signed up for a appointment and warned her that we have four kids and they have never really done this before. As it turned out, the kids were great and I am really excited to see the proofs. The hard part will be not spending a million dollars on them. We will post all the pictures once we get our proofs back.

We also did something really neat this year... Becky Brimhall texted a bunch of people in the ward and we all met at her house at 5:30pm and set up camp next to each other. A whole bunch of chairs and trick-or-treating was speedy and a whole lot of fun. Great idea Becky!!!!

I did have to take two naps today because my body is recovering from surgery still, but we all made it through and had a lot of good times. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!!! We love you all and hope you are safe!!!!

Isn't my costume scary?!

making a Halloween cake... they each got to decorate 1/4 of it

Trick-or-treating with friends...

This is a dog that had fun following the "dragon"... he liked to follow his tail...

This is how Will likes to Trick-orTreat... with his favorite Tonka truck!

This is a little friend in the ward that is four days younger than Will. Will must be going as a "Gigantosaurus" this year!!!

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annebabe said...

how fun! everyone looked super spook-i-liscous! Glad you had a good time.

ps- its hilarious how much taller Will is than his friend. Your caption was so funny!