Sunday, May 3, 2009

Did I say "zoo" I meant to say "3D Monsters vs. Aliens" I always get those two mixed up...

Aren't we cool cats!!!!
Alright, I know I told everyone that we were going to the Phoenix Zoo this last weekend for Sarah's birthday and we truly were. We were about a half hour away and we called to get some additional information and found out that the zoo was going to close in less than an hour. Oops! Plan B: we asked Sarah what she wanted to do and she said that instead we could go to Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. Guess what? for a family of six to go to the movie theater, it cost 60.00!!!!! Hey, I thought we were in a recession!!!!!
It was fun and I took some wonderful pictures afterwards in our sexy 3D glasses!

On Saturday, we had a wonderful time going to the temple and enjoyed Aunt Becky and Uncle Jeff and Brody and Grandma and Grandpa Wiemer. We also got to see the Newman kids a bit and that was great too!!! We had a wonderful time in the Valley and we are also glad to be back in quiet Bagdad, "Where everybody knows your name, and their always glad you came (so that you can sub for them in Sunbeams, etc... we stole that theme straight from the Cheers song, minus the Sunbeam part!)

We have a very full week ahead of us and we are happy for all our blessings...

p.s. we lost Will TWICE in Phoenix, maybe we should invest in a leash for the kiddo!!!!

My beautiful sister, Becky, and her handsome son, Brody!

Thanks for letting us stay at your house Becky!!!!

"A family that can watch 3D movies together in dorky glasses, stays together!" Isn't that how the quote goes???!!

Look how crazy she is in her 3D glasses!

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Dana and Tiff said...

I love how Cassidy isn't actually wearing the glasses...she is too "cool" to be seen wearing those in public...especally with her family!! :o)