Sunday, April 19, 2009

I met Stephanie Meyers! O.K. so I was in the same auditorium as she was! Same thing!

Here is the whole panel of awesome authors!

I am trying to catch up on some of our recent memories and one that I forgot to write about happened on April 4th. Cassidy and I purchased tickets and went to an awesome benefit concert. It was called, "Project Book Babe!" and it was a benefit for a book seller that has breast cancer and so a lot of our favorite authors were there. They did a panel questioning thing with all the authors and it was really awesome to really see how they think and work, they are totally normal people that just write some awesome books. Of course, Stephenie Meyers was the biggest author there and a lot of questions were directed to her, and it was fun to listen to her. Then they auctioned off a lot of Stephenie Meyers stuff and I was so surprized at how much they went for, it was crazy! Two people bid on lunch with Stephenie Meyers for 13, 000.00. Wow! I hope that is some awesome food!!!!

It was also fun because we invited Cassidy and Lund's elementary school teacher, Mrs. DeGanahl, who is so wonderful, and her teenage daughter. It was a great mother/daughter day out and we really had an amazing time.

One of my favorite things was stopping at a huge bookstore for teachers that sells books cheap, plus you get a 30% discount if you are a teacher, so I stocked up! (they counted me as a teacher because I homeschool Sarah this year). Pretty sweet!

Cassidy was most excited to see Brandon Mull who writes the Fablehaven series that we love around our house.
Good times! Good times! Good times!

Cassidy and I holding our signed books and signed posters from the authors. A very cool gift!

Cassidy standing in front of the "Twilight" inspired car that was at the benefit.


Becky Rogers said...

That is so neat. You and Cassidy are such readers. Hey, I didn't know you have two baby African Sulcuttas. That is so neat. We saw an African Sulcatta in the pet store smaller than Dot and they were selling it for 1800 dollars!

T. Sipes said...

What a fun mother/daughter outing. I can't believe you did not bid to go to lunch with Stephanie.

Farr Family said...

I am so jealous. How awesome to be there! I subbed in a kindergarten class in the Valley and Stephanie was the aunt of one of the girls. The little girl liked to tell everyone her aunt is famous.

The Davenports said...

I didn't even know you did this! How awesome!