Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chicks and Turtles make great Spring Pictures

Our kids weren't exactly excited last Friday when I told then to take a shower in the middle of the day on a day off. I told them that we had an appointment with some baby chicks and we were going to take Easter pictures this year. It wasn't easy and I now know why I don't take then all the way into Prescott to get their pictures done 'cause I felt like I needed a nap once this photo shoot was over. (I was the one behind the camera trying to get their attention). Tara Sipes in our ward was so kind as to bring four of her baby chicks over to our house and I told her that if my kids somehow killed one of them, I would find a way to replace it. (Thanks Tara for putting up with us, your a doll!). We also thought it would be fun to add our recently purchased baby African Salcutta tortioses. They are six-months-old and were very cute in the pictures. And yes, they are the same kind pf turtle as Dot, so they will be getting very large before too long. I know this post has a lot of pictures, but it has been a long time if ever that I took Easter pictures..... p.s. Along with my children, we had Canyon Brimhall over getting his pictures taken with the chicks as well, so Lund and he had the opportunity to be in some pictures together. Those two are so silly together... such boys!
Lund and his buddy Canyon Brimhall laughing because I made the mistake of saying, "Say Chicken poo instead of the usual Say Cheese!" Boys seem to think all bodily functions are just hilarious, by the way!

They are trying to gain their composure...

Will trying to figure the chicks out... (hey buddy, you'll be trying to figure "chicks" out the rest of your life!)

Then we add one of our pet baby tortoises to the mix...

Goofy Picture time of Course!

Trying to get everyone to look at the camera, but the turtle is just to interesting.

Sarah is our little animal lover!

Cute kids!

Sarah and her little chickies!

This is a very risky thing that Lund did becuase another chick had just pooped on Cassidy's dress.

Will and his chicks!

Lund and his chicks!

Lund thought that maybe he was a gifted "chick wisperer", but they still pooped everywhere anyways!

My oldest and her chickies!

Will's profile

Lund and his new friend!

this picture is taken right after the chick that Cassidy is holding pooped and peed on her dress. Sorry Cass, I forgot to warn you that these things are pooping machines.

Will pretending to be a gentle soul
This is Sarah's worried look, she wears it often...

My goofy Lundy!

Will begs his brother for a turn with the chick...
And Lund helps him out!

Such a cutie!

Again, our animal lover!

Lunds favorite animals are birds, he is a "bird fanatic" and knows LOTS of facts about birds!

This was taken the first time Will held the chick...


Strong Family - said...

Cute pics! I love the chic pics. And you gotta keep posting pics of the turtle so we can watch it grow now. :-) Lauree

Becky Rogers said...

Oh my gosh, those are so adorable. What a cute idea! I will have to do that next year.

shumaker clan said...

Those wer such cute pics. I just can not believe how big your kids have gotten. You move away and although your life goes on you just still think of others the way you left. Any how well I hope you guys had a great Easter.

T. Sipes said...

the pictures turned out way cute!!!! thanks for posting them I have been checking all weekend.

annebabe said...

what a great idea! how very springy! and i loved that you didn't post like one or two. i felt like i was at the photo shoot too, thanks! turtles and baby chicks, who could resist loving/snuggling/posing next to them? and of course, your 4 darlings looked easter-ific! :)

Dana and Tiff said...

Dang Sarah looks so old in those pictures, it hasn't been long since I was there, but they all seem to have grown so much. I love seeing my adorable nephew too!! Ah heck, what am I talking about, I claim them all!! Thanks for the pics! Love you Bagded people!! Can't wait to come...soon, I hope!!

Bonnie Hynes said...

don't ever apologize for too many pictures! the more the merrier! thanks for the updates...your kids are too big, i miss them! love the turtles too! JEALOUS!!!!

Team Caldwell said...

those picts ROCK! Kassidy would love to do the letter thing. she too lacks in the writing department, mostly due to lack of care! ha ha. i will try and find your email through facebook so we don't have to post our addresses on here!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Wonderful to have so many Picures. The animals and Spring were a perfect background for Easter and Spring and new beginnings. All kids look as kids should: having fun, laughing and being careful with animals. We love your family.