Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Scoutin' Outin'

This past Thursday for our Den Activity, I took my Cub Scouts to the local park. We listened to the story of the pecan trees that surround our beautiful park.
They were planted 15-years-ago by our Bishop that passed away about four years ago. He planted the 10 or so pecan trees and hand watered them until they could make it on their own. The trees put forth many pecans each year and many people benefit from it. (Especially our family that has a tradition of picking them each year which will be included on my next entry...)
Anyways, the boys learned about this act of kindness that keeps on giving even after the giver has passed away. I made them sign their name committing them to a special radom act of kindess for November. Then the fun began.... Morgan yielded his citrus picker and started smacking the various branches of the pecan trees. The boys would stand under the trees braving both life and limb as they gathered their treasure... pecans to take home with them in huge 2-gallon bags. They loved getting hit with falling pecans and running around. And I am pretty sure that Morgan enjoyed hitting all the small scouts with the pecans as well. A Bishop has to get his frustrations out somewhere!!! He! He!
Then we proceeded to clean the park and eat a snack and then for the Grand Finale.... It was getting dark so we armed each boy with a glow stick and played glow stick tag, Red Rover, and of course Hide and Seek...
It was truly a night to remember and I hope the boys remember to spread seeds of kindness this month. I really love my Cubbies!!!!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

The feeling of that wonderful cub scout activity comes thru with your description. It sounds like it was Spirit filled besides fun. You are a gift to those boys (including your own son and your bishop hubby). They will not realize until they are older and, perhaps, working with scouts or their sons they will remember how you loved and served them. Sweet times.
Love from a past Den Mother turned Grama/missionary

Christa Johnson said...

this comment makes my heart happy thinking that someday all this work will pay off. And coming from a past Den Mother that comment holds a lot of water.... (I don't think that is how the saying goes...)