Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Halloween Memories

Here are some random halloween memories that are fun to share..
Cassidy is pretending to be afraid of the scary guy...

Will was our cowboy one day and Batman another day
No comment needed....

My younger sister as Sarah Palin, her husband as Barak Obama and their baby as a spider..

My parents as a witch and Harley Riding dude! We always knew dad had a Harley side hidden deep..


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

What pictorial memories of wonderful People. Cassidy really looks scared and "oogled" and Morgan looks -- well, like Morgan, and Will cowboys up well, and the Harley pair ought to make their trip to Sturgis and the would be the hit of the season -- actually, then should go in October, like we did, and they would be the hit of the off season.

Halloween, is an amazing Holiday, one for fun and treats.
Next year we will have to join the fray.

Elder and Sister johnson

bek said...

those are great christa. love sarah's picture and love the new background! so cute! p.s. check out my blog. paramore's decode video!!!

Becky Rogers said...

Love the kiddos costumes. I was cracking up at Sarah's "lion picture". THat is hilariuos. Hope you guys had a great Halloween..maybe one of these years we will get to trick-or-treat together.

Farr Family said...

Fun, fun, fun! I can't beleive how much your sister really does resemble Palin. I love the fun of Halloween. But of course I didn't dress up! We love you!