Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Long Awaited doctor update...

o.k. i know you all have been waiting everyday to know what happened in the end of our wonderful story about illnesses and such. Alright, I realize you are not waiting by your computer all day long, but i will give you the update anyways......
Will and I made a trip to Kingman today (1. 5 hours away) to see the Ear, nose, and throat specialist. It was wonderful because one of my best buddies came along to help me out with Will, who also needed to be seen. That made all the difference in the world! She would watch him for me when I went in to see the doctor and then she brought him in on his turn. Amazing concept and I think it would be nice to hire someone to just follow me around and always do that.
O.K. onto the diagnosis portion..... I have a lymphnode swollen so big in my neck and throat that the doctor decided he needed to put gloves on and shove his hand down my throat... result: tada,.. I gagged. His reply "did that gag you and hurt or just gag you?????" Let me think!!! That hurt!!!!! Oh, and it gagged me as well..... He! He!
He was actually a nice doctor, all except the gagging part. His conclusion: reduce size of lymphnode (duh...), by administering horse pills (they look more like suppositories) for two weeks and get rid of acute tonsilitis in the process. Come back into office in three weeks to see if I...1. have returned to normal human status, 2. schedule getting tonsils out so this will stop recurring (little nervous about this step).
Wills appointment results:
Just picture a two-year-old sitting in the examination room on his mom's lap looking wide eyed up at the doctor with the flashlight and stick in his hand. He tells Will to open his mouth really wide and to my surprize, he does. Doc uses said stick to see way down his throat and once again gags an unsuspecting patient. But Will is smarter than his mother. After he finishes gagging the doctor tells him to open his mouth again. Will firmly clenches his teeth and shakes his head "no" (why didn't I think of this...). Will waits until the doctor goes and throws the stick away and come back with just the flashlight in hand. He waits through some coercing and then decides to trust the flashlight, not the stick, and we are back in business. Will is diagnosed with acute tonsilits as well and then we discuss his ears. The doctor gets the light and looks in his ears and I tell Will that the doctor is looking for a frog in his ear, he looks at me and says "no, a snake"... so on it goes. The doctor says that he has a lot of fluid in his ears and asks if he hears me really well. I replied that he is two and I just figured he was ignoring me and had better things to do when I talk to him. So the doctor now wants to see him back in three weeks as well to see if they can reduce the fluid in the ears and give a hearing test. He may need tubes. But tubes don't frighten me. Lund had his put in as a toddler and then the hospital brought me a different boy that looked just like my son but was healthy and could hear me and just run and have fun.
Are your eyes tired yet..... o.k. I will stop..... my conclusion is this: when the Z-pack and the pink bubblegum medicine in your refrigerator fails, seek out a new superhero...... The Otolaryg..... somthing or other, better known as Eyes, Ears, and Throat Man!!!! This would be a good suggestion for all those out there still seeking a halloween costume...... just eat a popsicle and save the stick and then get a little tiny pen light type flashlight to carry around with you as well. Anyone who has ever visited said superhero will know exactly who you are....
p.s. can you tell that this blog entry was written at 4:30am???? I sure can!

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Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Glad to see you report in writing after the phone conversation we had. The written version is much better. and give a lasting impression. I think I will get popcycles and eat a lot and a small flashlight and go at it on Friday the 31st....except we are due to work in the Temple and I am not sure they would like that there.