Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Doctors are getting "sick" of us... (sorry for the pun Ruth)

Yes, this is true... I think the Bagdad Clinic is starting to get sick of us. I just wish they would offer a "family discount". We have been there SIX times in the last week and a half and now all of us have been seen... Here are the results of those visits, since we saw three different doctors and we all know that different doctors have different opinions.... ( I am putting this in order of when we were seen.
Christa: Diagnosis: Strep? Given a "Z-pack" and slowly feeling better. Seen by Doctor A
Will: Diagnosis: An ear infection and two pink eyes. Given ammoxicillian and is slowly getting better, but still struggles with his health and boogies... Also seen by Doctor A

Morgan: Diagnosis: Tonsilitis, given Ammoxicillian. He is really struggling at getting better and has his ups and downs... Is the Ammoxicillian really working?? His throat is very sore and he has horrible headaches still and feels crummy.... Seen By Doctor B
Lund: Diagnosis: Tonsilitis, given Ammoxicillin. He is still out of school because he has two pink eyes that just won't go away and every morning he wakes up with his eyes "sealed shut"..Also seen by Doctor B on the same day
Sarah: Diagnosis: Get over it, your ear just must be hurting..... given pain reducing ear drops. She is really struggling to get better and four days later her ears still hurt her and her throat is covered in white dots and her eyes are pretty red.... Also seen by Doctor B, same day

Cassidy: Diagnosis: You just have a cold, gargle salt water..... She was the only one given a strep test; tested negative...Syptoms are the same as above..Seen by doctor C. She is still struggling with headaches and not feeling wonderful, but is back at school.... I also took a look at her sore throat tonight after dinner and sure enough, white pockets or dots as well....

Dillemma: I know that "white pockets" in your throat are not good and I think Sarah and Cassidy really need to get back into the doctors again.
Frustration: They were the only ones not given antibiotics, coinscidensce?????
Another frustration: Will they give me a "Family discount" or let me have the next visit free if they were possibly "wrong" the first time....
Frustration: Driving to Prescott to get a "second opinion" would cost 50.00 in gas, worth it????
Frustration: I have been grounded in my house with sick kids and being sick for two weeks, somebody let me out......... He! He!! I am about ready to jump on the nearest Haul truck and see where it takes me...... (probably just back to the Mine, so I guess that is pointless)....

Thanks for lending me your ear, our your eyes rather, while I complain about my silly situation.



Alisha said...

I think there should just be a few things that we as moms should be able to go and learn (so that we don't have to go to the doctor umteen times) How hard can it be to look in a kids ear and see that they have an ear infection? And seriously...we really should be able to buy pink eye medicine over the counter. It doesn't take a genius to determine red eyes and having them sealed shut in the morning means pink eye. Strep throat tests should also be sold to moms. A long q-tip and a vile then wait for a positive or negative result....why can't we do that? Oh, Christa....I'm so sorry the kids are sick and I'm sorry you have to deal with doctor A, B and almost sounds like a dr. Suess (no pun intended on the doctor part) book. If doctor C pulls his hat off his head to reveal thing D, E and F...I'd worry! (can you tell what book Kade and I just read?) Give the kiddos kisses for me!

Mandy said...

That stinks that you've all been sick and for so long! Hope things get better at your house soon.

The Davenports said...

Oh my gosh, that's aweful! Not only do doctors irritate me in general (don't get me wrong, they are amazing and helpful and I am grateful for modern medicine!), but the clinic is the worst! I'm sorry you guys have been so sick!! I'd bring you some brownies or something, but that might not be the best thing for you guys to have in your house right now... :)

Jeremy and Ruth said...

Come and visit!! uh after you all get better of course!! you know what they say, a family that gets sick together, stays sick together!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...


Try Orange Juice with lots of pulp... that is my remedy. It may not sure anything but sure tastes good and almost makes you feel good abou feeling bad.

Dad And Elder JOHNSON

Happy said...

OK Johnson family, it sure sounds like you have your hands full there with all the trips to the clinic and then the situation of which dr you need to be returning to. Sure glad it is you and not me for that problem.

Keep smiling and we are cheering you on with all that is going on in your world.

Have a pleasant day.

Questa and Mark