Thursday, September 11, 2008

How do you cure pink eye... just turn into a Vampire

here Will is showing off his sticky hand this week has been a bit of a "quaranteened" one here at the Johnson household. Will went into the doctor yesterday and has two pink eyes or viarl conjunctivitis if you like fancy words. He also has an ear infection. Today I went into the doctor and he took one look at my throat and said, "so what antibiotic would you prefer". I responded, "The most powerful one please, I feel like I have a rock in my troat or something..." so I am now on the Z-pack and Will is on the bubblegum pink refrigerated variety.

I am sending these pictures that I took right after Will and I got back from his appointment. The doctor said he needed more vitamin C and so we went to the store and bought some real fruit juice popsicles with a lot of vitamin C and a lot of mess packed into one popsicle. I think this one was the grape juice variety. The silly thing is, I had just given him a bath to get all the green goo out of his eyes and nose, lovely huh???


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

I believe Vitamin C is of most value if it is eaten, not smeared on face and hands, but then what do It know. I think I may try Will's method next time, it looks for fun.

Lindsi said...

I think Will is lucky to get his vitamin C in the form of a cold, yummy treat. I love your green kitchen walls by the way.

Michael said...


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