Sunday, September 14, 2008

Five little scorpions sitting in a jar, Spencer ate one and then there were four (pronounced "far")

Are you worried yet???? Don't be, Spencer is a turtle!!!!! But he sure loves to eat scorpions. The other night Morgan took out the black light and caught five scorpions on our back fence. The scary thought is that these scorpions were on our back fence!!!! So after I got over that fact, he took off the stingers on their tails and then fed them to our little turtle "Spencer", not to be confused with our awesomely huge turtle, "Dot".


Jeremy and Ruth said...

Oh my that is awesome!!! jeremy didnt know that scorpions would glow under black light!! it is fun times!! I love reading your blogs!! keep it up!! i miss your little family!! We must get together sometime

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

A scorpian without a stinger sounds like a parable for scripture time. I get it will fit in a good Sacrament meeting talk one day....Hey! I might use it.