Sunday, September 14, 2008

Company Fair

This past Saturday we had a Company Fair for all Freeport McMorgan, ooops! I mean Freeport McMoran employees. It was so great! It was like a regular fair except everything was FREE!!! If you wanted cotton candy: sure, go get it, a snowcone, popcorn, soda, dinner, yup, all included. What about games with prizes and an inflatable jousting ring? Just hop in line and wait your turn!!! Do you get the point yet???? Lots of fun, no cost!!!! Sweet!!!! The only thing the kids couldn't figure out was how to do it ALL AT ONCE!!!! So often, daddy would hold four things of cotton candy while the kids went down the inflatable slide. And daddy would take pictures of the kids beating each other up in the jousting ring while mommy waited in line to joust with a sister in the ward. Did I mention how blessed I am to have Morgan in my life to hold cotton candy and take pictures?????? Gotta love that guy!!!!
P.S. Morgan didn't take pictures of Sister Hulse and I jousting because both Morgan and her husband Mike Hulse were standing a safe distance away in case they had to make a run for it if it got out of hand. Silly boys, us girls don't hold grudges...... He!!!! HE!! It was a great time and pretty exhausting and I have a new appreciation for American Gladiators!!!
o.k. the computer is freaking out, so I will post this now and post the pictures in a little bit once I restart the computer......
Stay Tuned, after these commercials......

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Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

BAGDAD is quite a place.It may be far far away from real life.... but I don't see the disadvantage of that right now. What a fun town and great family. It makes me sad we did not dos more as a family together. Keep it UP!!!!!