Monday, September 29, 2008

Day Trip with my Cubbies!!!!

On Saturday I took my wonderful troop of Cub Scouts on a 13-hour trip to Verde River Days at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, Arizona. It was really, really, really fun and also really, really, really exhausting! I have 8 Cub Scouts ranging from the ages of 8-10. My boys are so amazing and nice to each other and I learn a lot from them. We had a real bonding experience on the trip, well, lots of bonding experiences to be exact. Here are some quotes from the trip,

  • "Are you going to throw up?????!!!!!! I will try to pull over really quick.... oh, I see that I am too late.. Everyone out of the car, go take a hike in the woods for a minute while Sister Johnson takes care of this." (Sister Johnson)

  • "I am really, really hot and tired but I am having soooooo much fun!!!!" (One of the boys)

  • "What would you do if I tip over my canoe and swim in the lake for a little while" (one of the boys)

  • "Leave that snake on the ground and come eat your lunches boys! We could have stayed back in Bagdad if we wanted to see snakes" (Sister Johnson)

  • "I just ordered 20 hard tacos and you guys are still hungry?????!!!!" O.k. I will order more." (Sister Johnson)

  • "When you bury William in the sand, please don't fill his mouth up with sand too" (Sister Johnson)

  • "Can I shoot the gun or maybe the canon" (one of the boys after watching the Civil War re-enactment)

  • "That guy in the iniform said that they are signing up more people to be in their War thing (the traveling Civil War re-enactment group). Can I sign up my dad??? Can I sign up too??????" (one of the boys)

  • "Can we pet that rattlesnake in the cage" (one of the boys)

  • "Hey, can I ride your horse?!" (my daughter, Sarah said this to a Search and Rescue guy up on a horse. And you know what? He did get off and let her ride.)

  • "Miss Christa, are you and Miss Wendy sisters??? (one of the boys asked this about myself and my Assistant Scout Leader)

These are all actual quotes from the boys or myself during the trip. Fun times and wonderful memories!

Their activites included: rock climbing, canoeing, making sandcastles, petting a Gila monster and holding a Bull snake, eating lots of food, learning how to get rescued in the woods, inflatable slides and obstacle courses, and a Civil War re-enactment. The day was a huge success and I think we will do it again (in about a year....)

My dad also came up from Gilbert and helped me with the adventure. It was sooooooo wonderful to have him there and he was such a ginormous help and he sure loved those kids. Thanks dad!!!

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Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Amazing Scout Camp. They will remember it well..... I hope they never get lost and need that stuff but it very nice to know.
The Camp sounds like a heaven for kids and leaders who love kids.
you dad was so lucky to be able to there to help. Parents always like to feel that they can help.
It is a real parent thing.