Tuesday, September 30, 2008

30 candles on my cake!!!!

That is right everyone, I am officially old and proud of it!!! This morning I took a shower and "washed away my twenties!!"

Here are 20 things I did in my 20's that I am proud of...

  1. Had Cassidy at age 20

  2. Had Lund at age 21

  3. Had Sarah at age 25

  4. Had Will at age 27

  5. put my husband through college (some of the time..)

  6. was a Primary President for 3 years

  7. was married to a Bishop

  8. Lived in Flagstaff, Arizona

  9. Lived in Gilbert, Arizona

  10. Lived in Queen Creek, Arizona

  11. Lived in Pocatello, Idaho

  12. Lived in Boise, Idaho

  13. Lived in Bagdad, Arizona

  14. Purchased our first 4x4 truck (love it)

  15. Purchased our first SUV --Honda, Pilot (love it even more than the truck)

  16. Read lots of books

  17. Wiped away a lot of tears

  18. Smiled and laughed with many people

  19. Decided that short hair is easier to take care of

  20. Lived and Loved the first ten years of marriage!!!!

Now that I am 30, I hope my life is just as fun, exciting and wonderful... with a little less moving!!!!

Todays events:

I had a wonderful b-day with Morgan waking me up to pancakes in bed after he got the kids off to school all by himself and let me sleep in.... (best present ever).

My best buddy here in town treated me to wings and a movie for lunch. It was wonderful and we laughed a lot. (Will thought it was funny to mimik my laugh when we thought the movie was really funny, it was more like a gaffaw or cackle).

We had my favorite kind of pizza for dinner (pinneapple) and then we had WONDERFUL chocolate cake curtousy of Marie Calendars frozen pies.

The kids made me a treehouse for my birthday. It was so cute and here is what the note said on the treehouse...."We built this treehouse for you. Happy birthday, it was really hard. The main builder was Lund. The other builders were Sarah and Cassidy." He later told me that he hit his thumb five times while making this treehouse for me and that it hurt a lot!!! That is true love!!!!

Morgan gave me a card and some money and he drew a picture of what he thinks he will look like in 30 more years..... Interesting!

I recieved a "Happy birthday phone call from a friend that I haven't heard from in many years" Thanks Crystal, it was good to hear your voice.

My friends here in town threw a party for me at last Scrap Wednesday and they all gave me some scrapbooking stuff. It is a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by good friends!

Morgan's parents send me a wonderful card and even sang to me this morning while I was eating pancakes in my recliner and yes, they even bonked their heads together. Some people reading this might think that is a very weird comment, unless you have ever heard Lund and Karen sing the "Happy Birthday song".

My parents sent me a wonderful card via my dad last Saturday, which commented "How can you be 30 when we are still 39???" He!He! And having my dad help me this past Saturday was a gift in itself!

My sister Becky called to wish me a happy b-day as her husband was adjusting her back. He just happens to be a chiropractor so I guess that is o.k.

My sister Becky and my sister Alisha sent me a wonderful package that contained a necklace, a new wallet debt reduction plan, some candy (the kids stole) and some girly stuff like nail polish, etc... thanks sisters! Your the best!

And last but not least, the blood bank sent me an e-mail wishing me a happy birthday!!! How wonderful!!!! He!He!!

Well, here's to a wonderful day full of memories and fun!!! I love you all!!!!!


Dustin & Erin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Christa! I vaguely remember Morgan mentioning once that your birthday was the day after mine! From what I read, it sounds like you had a fantastic day. I'm glad! :)

shumaker clan said...

Christa. Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Christa, Happy Birthday to you. Imagine me singing it with out the not so great voice. I always knew we were the same age but I did not realize you were a little older then I. Well I am so glad you had a great Birthday. We all deserve to have that. Now start thinking or the wonderful 30 things you will accomplich in your 30. Miss you all so much. Tara

The Davenports said...

Love the blood bath birthday wish! :)

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Christa, Glad you had a great bday.Loved the details. After hearing about the Cub maraton outing we were happy to see the pictures. We pray for you and your family's health.
Mom and Dad

Mandy said...

Christa - Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a great day - you deserve it!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

OH christa!! happy birthday!! your tree house looks like tons of fun!! Maybe if we come to visit we can stay in there :)!! haha you think it will hold :) !! oh and the scout blog makes me soo excited for when Karver is old enough to be in scouts!! CANT WAIT!!

Becky Rogers said...

Happy 30th!!! So glad you had a great day. Oh no, I am the next to turn 30 in the family!

Farr Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! I know this is late but better late than never!! You are so awesome!!