Saturday, August 9, 2008

California Trip Part 1

Cassidy and Lund and I went on our first road trip and just got back this past Tuesday. Since there were so many pictures taken and a whole lot of memories made, I will have to segment it all into parts. So for part 1, I will talk about Cassidy and Lund's greatest enjoyment on the trip--- Body surfing, or boogy boarding or whatever you want to call it. They borrowed Brandon Short's body board and he taught them how to work it and then we didn't see them again for hours. They wouldn't come in to eat, rest, or anything. And they were really good about sharing since there was only one boogy board. We went to Newport Beach on Saturday and it was fun, but our favorite beach was Hunington Beach on Tuesday. It was just flatter and we parked close and the kids like the waves better. Here are a few pictures of my new "hang loose" kids....

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