Saturday, August 9, 2008

1st Day of School for Sarah!!

The other kids all wanted to see her off, because their school starts on Monday.
Sarah and her pal from the ward, Canyon. Aren't they adorable together.....

So, Sarah started school this last Wednesday and I think I was WAY more nervous than she was. You see, she has bladder/bowel problems (I am sure you didn't want to know about that). We have been taking her to specialists at Phoenix Children's Hospital, but they aren't quite sure what to do. So anyway, I was really nervous about her starting Kindergarten because they go all day here and I just didn't think that she could handle something like that. So, I had a meeting with the principal and the teacher, who is magnificent and in our ward, and we decided to have her go to school from 11-2:30pm this year and then next year she will go all day. I am thrilled with the plan because it is less stress for her and it will give her a while to catch up and even to be ahead next year. I think that it will make her less anxious about school and it will help me be less anxious about her being in school. On her first day, I went to lunch with her in the cafeteria and then out to recess with her where she had her first accident. She and I quickly fixed her up so that "none of the other kids would know" as she put it and she was back in action. She has a special "magical purse" in her cubbie that has extra clothes for her and so when she has an accident, she doesn't have to tell anyone, she just gets up and gets her "magical purse" and takes care of herself. I hope this all works out because I am so stinkin' nervous for her. The teacher, Ms. Butler, says that she is doing wonderful. I am not quite sure why you need to know all of this, but this has been weighing heavily on me this week, so now you all know my life. Doesn't Sarah look adorable all ready for school????? I love my Sarah and her big brown eyes and happy smile!!!

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Jeremy and Ruth said...

how beautiful is SARAH!! wow i bet morgan is sure nervous for her to grow up !! :)