Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Addition

O.K. yesterday when we came home from Phoenix, we brought back a new addition--- An African Tortouse!!! Her name is Dot, because she is as big as a dot (ha!Ha!) and because dot leaves dot spots on the ground. She is so calm and loves the kids already, except I think they fed her too much today which my sister thought was impossible to do because she will just keep eating. So the scoop on Dot (previously referred to as Terrance until it was determined that "he" was actually a "she" and we renamed her on the way home from Phoenix). Well, Dot is my sister Becky and her husband's tortouse and since they have a small backyard for a year or so while they live with Jeff's parents, Dot has come to hang out with the Johnson's up here in Bagdad. She even has a dog tag drilled into her shell in case she decides to wander off in a slow fashion. She really is a delight and today she traveled all around our backyard all day long, seeking out new shade spots and following the kids around to see what they were doing. Quite an easy pet really and we are excited to have her here. We may even be inheriting her brother next week or so, but that is still in the works. But in the meantime, we love our little Dot.


Bonnie Hynes said...

I am so jealous! I want a dot too! I want weekly updates on this new addition...I have to keep up!
I love her!

annebabe said...

how awesome is dot? that is super cool to have a pet like that!!! and i would comment on all the other individual posts but i am lazy so i will comment on them all here.
- love the flying, i believed as well with the right speed and courage it was possible . . .
-poop-a-thon, wow, what a load of poop! good for everyone involved. hope the kids raised some money for all their efforts. :)
-love your little enrichment break-out group, our ward went back to monthly enrichments as a whole group which actually suits our needs better
-braces braces! i remember the days. i was 17 and it sucked. :)
-keep up the fun posts, you guys are having way too much fun!!

Becky Rogers said...

How cool. I am so glad that she is loving your home. Thanks for fostering her! I love how Sarah is such an animal lover.