Saturday, July 26, 2008

I KNOW I can fly!!!

Do you remember when you were a kid thinking that if you just ran hard enough and got the right jumping speed that you could actually fly??? O.K. maybe that was just me, but it sure runs in the family because the kids yesterday strapped a child-sized tent to thier backs as wings and swore they could really fly!!! And maybe they can, we will let the pictures do all the talking and you can be the judge. Consequently, this mornging I woke up to see two rows of gardening tape stretched from one end of the backyard to another and Lund explained that he needed a runway!! Creative kids!!! They had lots of comments to each other like, "Maybe if I just put some more weight on this end." or "Hey go get me some cardboard, I have an idea that I know will work" and "Did you see how much air I got that time??!!!"

You got to love kids and their creativity/imagination!!


WorldmedTourism said...

Are u fly

Becky Rogers said...

That looks like a blast!