Sunday, June 29, 2008

Now I can run away!!!!

Lund had a wonderful birthday BBQ up at our house last night and it was so wonderful because there were about 40 people there total and we were so glad to feed all those people that have been intrical in his baptism preparation. One of the funny moments came as Lund opened his presents. He has been so into Scouting and the outdoorsy theme lately so as he opened his presents he was really excited to get a Camelback pack (a water pack that you wear like a backpack), a real compass, a headlight with lots of neat features, binnoculars, a neat Cub Scout hat, a pocket knife, and another neat canteen. Also, his Cub Scout uniform from his grandparents. After opening the wonderful survival presents he looked up and said "oh good, now I can run away!" (At least he will be hydrated as he runs away). Silly boy!!! He also recieved a game and a neat toy that he appreciated as well. It was a great BBQ and Morgan was in his element behind the barbeque making the BEST hamburgers ever. And the triple chocolate cake was great as well. (I had my piece guarded until I was finished serving everyone). I am just going to send some wonderful random pictures of his party. What great memories we had!!!! And then after we were done, most of the dads said, "hey, lets go golfing now! We can call it an Elder's Quorum activity!" And off they went, with wives cheering them on until we noticed that we had children out our ears. But hopefully, it was great times all around!!

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