Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Great to Be Eight!!!!

Lund turned eight-years-old this last Tuesday and yesterday he had a chance to get baptized by his dad. What a WONDERFUL experience all around!!!! This was one of those proud days as a mother when you actually feel like you have succeeded, even just a little bit, as a mother and a stewart over these wonderful children.

Lund was serious, as always, during the whole baptism program and did a wonderful job. He wore his new suit and a big boy tie that he is trying to learn how to tie himself thanks to his handy dandy scout book. He truly looked like a million bucks and it was a wonderful baptism! Every seat was taken and even a few were standing in the back and my heart was so full of thanks for all of these wonderful people that we have here in Bagdad that have become such dear friends to our family.

Today in primary they had Lund be the "Guest speaker" and talk about his baptism and how it made him feel etc. When they called on him to talk he looked at me accusingly and said "mom, you didn't write my talk down!!!" I told him that I wanted it to be straight from his heart and it sure was. The first thing he said as he stood in front of the microphone was... "My baptism was a feeling." and I thought how profound that truly was because Baptism days are all about how we feel as we enter the water and as we recieve the Holy Ghost. He also remarked that he had heard that the water was going to be really cold, but he said it was warm and wonderful. This is probably also more a description of the feelings rather than the actual temperature. What an insightful talk he gave--- straight from his heart!

We love Lund and how much he loves the Gospel and always tries to do what is right. Happy 8th Birthday son!!!!


rileymmega said...

I had forgotten Lund had a birthday in june until I saw the pictures. I remembered back to easton's birthday party when you had the blue cake and then went into labor that night. Ha, ha... We had our baby last thursday so now we have a 25th and 26th birthdays. I'll send picts when i get a chance.

Happy said...

Hello Johnson Family:

We have been gone for 10 days, so now I will get caught up with your blog.

I cannot believe that Lund is 8 and has been baptized. That is so cool. Lund, you stay close to the Lord and listen very carefully when you hear that still small voice talking to you. DO NOT IGNORE IT. Mom and dad Johnson, you have done a wonderful job with your little ones. Keep up the good work.


Questa and Mark

Anonymous said...

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