Sunday, March 9, 2008

Science Fair, Part 2, or Part Lund

Well, Lund was also in the Science Fair this year and his project was really neat. It was called "Does Color Affect Taste?" and he had different cups filled with different colors of sugar water and flavoring and he would mix up the colors so that the color did not fit the taste, for example strawberry would be yellow, etc. The people would try that cup and try to figure out what flavor it was. I was amazed at how much color does actually affect taste. He won 1st place in his grade level at Hillside school, so he went on to the next level which consisted of five schools. He placed 3rd place there and we were really proud of him. I ran up and got all positioned to take a couple dozen pictures of this wonderful day for him and low and behold, the batteries were dead!!!! AGGGHHHHH!!! But it was a wonderful moment still the same, and his whole family was there to support him and it was a great memory. He had to go up on stage to present his science project to the audience and use a microphone and everything, what a brave boy!!! (A special thanks to the book "Science projects that are guaranteed to win!" (hey, that's not cheating it is using the Library correctly!)

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