Sunday, March 30, 2008

Man vs. Wild

o.k. I am going to try to overview our past week in pictures and journaling notes. I haven't had a chance to sit down and get this all on the blog, so I have been putting it away in little tiny folders in my brain. Now, lets see how much I remember.

On Tuesday night we went on a family hike out in the desert and Lund wanted to bring his little friend Scotty, so we agreed. Scotty was full of commentary as we went along the stream that we found and everyone was in hog heaven (frog heaven actually) when we spotted a frog. Everyone had to take a turn holding the frog and getting peed on! The only smart one was Will, who wanted nothing to do with the slimy creature.

One of our kids greatest joys in life is climbing huge boulders and mountains and scaring me half to death. Well, this trip was no different, and after finding some perfect boulders and even a cave, the kids were off. Lund in particular will scale huge boulders just like he has superpowers or something and his little buddy, Scotty, tried to go right up behind him. Finally, as the two boys reached the top, Scotty turned to Lund and said "You are just like Man vs. Wild!!!!" We all heard that and got a great chuckle out of his comment. Lund then proceeded to turn around and quickly scale back down the rock face. Scotty tried that for a second and then got back up and yelled" Mr. Johnson, Help! I can't do that!!!" It was very cute!

Also, as we were climbing on rocks coming back downstream, Scotty turned to all of us and said "Do you guys get to come out to the desert and do this a lot?!" We responded that we try to do this at least once a week. His eyes bulged and he said "Wow, I am lucky if my mom let's me out of the backyard!!!"

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Farr Family said...

I love hikes. I can't wait till we can take our 6 kids and go hiking all morning. Well, if we have 6. Whatever we are blessed with.