Saturday, June 7, 2014

Christa Johnson Memorial Family Vacation - Colorado Leg

As you likely already know, after a four and a half year struggle with breast cancer Christa has completed her journey here below and is on to new adventures on the other side of the veil. The Johnson Family will have to continue on without her physically by our side. However, will live on with her in our hearts and always near in spirit, and with faith in a joyful reunion at the end of our earthly lives. Her life of courage, faithfulness, optimism, courage, and love has shown us all how to live and be happy whatever may come. In her final months, and even in her final words spoken in life, she wanted us to know that "I love you all!"Her obituary can be found at:

In memory of her and to create new family memories, we are currently traveling as a family to sites that she and I knew and loved. We carry a picture of her, tell stories about her, and feel her close to us as we travel. We are currently in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, but will fly home next week and from there we will head out on a road trip to Idaho. Destinations in Idaho include Yellowstone, Rexburg, Pocatello, and Boise. She taught us to love traveling and seeing new places. It is not the same traveling without her by our side, but like a thousand other things we will do without her, we pray that this will keep us close to her and will bring us closer to each other.

Below are some pictures from our trip so far:

Here we are in the exact spot where I took one of my favorite pictures of Christa from our trip there. 

Here the kids are looking down at the very full Bluewater River in Silverthorne, Colordao. 

The kids in Breckenridge and playing in some snow we found outside of Breckenridge.  

Eating our Subway lunch at the still frozen Clinton Gorge Dam Reservior. It was cold and beautiful.

Cass and Lund at the same.

All of us.

Sarah hanging out on a washed out stump.

Sarah and Will crossing through a melting drift of snow and ice.

Lund and Will on an old mining train just outside of our Climax Mine. Notice the elevation of 11,300ft+.

The Johnson men in an old mining shovel bucket.

Cass and Lund fishing chunks of ice out of the reservior.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading Christa's story for years. I have been keeping an eye on her Blog for family updates since her passing. I am so glad you decided to post updates on her blog. Keep up the great memories of her and the new one's you are creating - thanks again for updating.

LUND said...

I am glad that you have written about the purpose of this trip and included great pictures!
Mom and DAd

Happy said...

Bishop Johnson, I am so glad to see that you are continuing to share your family and those memories of Christa with us. Your family has been in our daily prayers and will continue to be in our daily prayers. If you are ever out this way, please feel free to contact us and we would love to visit with you and your family. XOXOXO

Mark and Questa Hott