Sunday, September 16, 2012

Updates, etc, etc, ...

I don't even want to go into details as to why I haven't blogged in a very long time. I used to be soooo faithful at blogging. When did I fall off the train?! It might have been when my laptop died and had to be sent back to Dell for a month. It might have been when I got so wrapped up in the happy cancer progress and started trying to do "real things" again. I started physical therapy on my weak muscles that have had poison constantly flowing through them for three years. But truly, I really have no excuses....I just have been too busy being a relatively healthy mother of four beautiful children....which is just where I always want to be.

I am just going to quickly go through updates around our home:

Morgan: Happy with his job. Happy with his calling as Gospel Essentials teacher. Had a horrible cold/flu that lasted about two weeks.  Really enjoys golfing especially with his brother and daughter. Really, really enjoys having a somewhat healthy wife!

Christa: Recently found out that my tumor markers (the measurement of how much progression the cancer is making in the body. Just remember, high numbers bad, low numbers, good), is down to 214 as of September 10th. The Oncologist was really happy when she told me that since being at MD Anderson over this past year, my tumor markers have gone from 800 to a mere 214! This means cancer is steadily leaving and my medicines continue to work. Although if you ask me, I am still going with the miracle/prayer theory. The Lord must have some more assignments for me!
 I am recently loving/hating physical therapy as I try to gain some strength in my weak body. But I am totally enjoying the one hour massage sessions that I also get!  I have been getting crafty again in my spare time and that helps my soul. I still have a lot of issues with the cancer such as working out a pain regiment that doesn't have me sleeping all day long. But, after this ginuea pig stage of balancing "real" life, it will be awesome!

Cassidy: Loving/hating the 8th grade. Loving/hating the songs she creates as she sits at the piano. Loving/hating her family and all of life. Basically, she is a normal 13-year-old teenager!
     (Mom's overview of Cassidy is that she is a beautiful, strong, caring, compassiante girl/woman. She has an amazing talent with music...piano playing, singing, writing her own songs. Has an amazing relationship with Lund and is just great)

Lund: Enjoying 7th grade, especially because his big sister is right there with him at the same school. Has a love/hate relationship with football right now. Loves football/hates practices. And he is still amazing at learning/memorizing piano songs. (I just wish he would concentrate on the stuff the piano teacher is giving him). Altogether, he is a happy, energetic 12-year-old.

Sarah: She is really enoying 3rd grade and is a great student. She loves animals and is training to be a Vetranarian. She uses family pets and teddy bears as victims, I mean ..patients. She loves that we practically live in a zoo. Current animal count at the Johnson home: 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 bird, 2 tortoises, and quite a few dust bunnies.It's kinda nice because after all the kids leave for school, I never feel alone..............ever! She is still using her big brown eyes to get what she wants and is my cuddlebug.

Will: Is actually enjoying school this year. Second time around has been so great for him. It's as if someone turned a light switch on in his brain...Hallllleeelllluuuaaaa! He likes to sport a fau-hawk or a "fluff like Lund" (hair sticking up in the front) to school but always knows that it has to be "Sunday hair" for church. Such a goof! He is constantly getting taller and he loves to create from his imagination with Legos, duct tape and anything else he can get his hands on.

So, that gives you a bit of an update, but nothing beats pictures, so I will keep working on posting.  Hopefully while I am on vacation this week without kids and hubby! wahooo!


LUND said...

Nicely put summary of each life that touches yours so closely.
Thanks for sharing.
Mom and Dad Johnson

Bonnie Hynes said...

I feel totally updated! Thanks Christa, keep the good news comin!

Farr Family said...

We love your family so much!!

clarisa said...

love the reading! your family is just too cool. i'm so glad we get to be part of your circle!

Carmita said...

I'm so glad you are out there enjoying life!! Prayers definitely work!