Sunday, August 19, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football?!

  Every once in a while Morgan gets the opportunity through his company to go to a local game.Sometimes it is the Diamondbacks, or the Coyote's, or the Phoenix Suns, or the Rattler's, or Phoenix Mercury, but this time for the first time it was.................The Arizona Cardinals!! (and the game wasn't on a Sunday so we were really, really excited)

 Here is our view from the Freeport-McMoran box
 Here is one view of our box. You can see Morgan way over by our restroom, and Alicia up front at the table seating. There are also 12 seats for watching the game to my right. Our food choices were awesome, and the deserts were really yummy.
And in case you don't enjoy watching the movie live, right in front of your face, everyone also gets a handheld device. You can watch replays, see the game from different cameras, or watch any other game from across the nation. Sweet!!!
 Will was pretty excited about the fancy dessert selection...........
 Yup, that is a football shaped chocolate covered cheesecake cookie.
 But Will lost interest after a little while, and chose to play games on my i-pod phone instead. And if you are wondering where all the other children were..... well, Lund was on a Scout campout, and Sarah and Cassidy decided to stay home instead of watching a "silly football game". So instead we took Guilio and Alicia Garino, (Morgan's oldest sister and her hubby), and we had a great time!
 See, we are having a great time! Also, in "the box" there is a free alcohol bar, so the other people in the box just got sillier and sillier and louder and louder...................hummmmmmmmmmmmmm
And then, right before the game had ended, this flashed on one of the screens! Yup, there was a shooting right in the parking lot! The caterer said we should probably try to leave before the whole police investigation began. We bolted and made it out before the majority of the crowd. It was a wonderful experience all around, even with the sad news in the parking lot. I do still think my favorite games to watch are the D-backs and our Suns.

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Team Despain said...

I heard about that shooting on the news! Crazy that you were there!