Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This week's update through random pictures acquired in my hospital room

 Last week, I was ridding down the road of life, and I hit a little bump.(that's what I get for riding such a crazy bike!)    I had a cold that just wouldn't leave. So, eventually I went in and got an antibiotic, and on I rode. But, after five days on the antibiotic, I noticed that I wasn't getting any better. In fact, I seemed to be getting worse. My throat was so sore, I thought maybe it would close up on me as I slept.  Finally, we decided to go to the ER, since we had a guest staying the night and they could stay with the kids. Thanks Mentz!

 And the diagnosis is ........... "walking pneumonia"
 And a couple of days later, I was still like this guy in the above picture......
                                                                    (Picture of my actual hospital)
 So my Oncologist sent me back to the ER, and they decided to admit me and figure it out. Updated diagnosis is that the right lung has collapsed a bit and there is fluid around the left lung.
 So, tomorrow they are going to do a procedure similar to the picture above to drain the fluid and do a broncho-scope to see the collapsed part of the right lung. So, we (Morgan and I), are doing a lot of hanging out in my hospital room, and have been getting four antibiotics via IV. I feel like I have chords all over the place and I wouldn't recommend the bed..... not comfy..
.......but the breathing treatments are really helping the wheezing and coughing attacks. I will be here until I get a clean bill of health in the lungs, which will probably be a few days.

Also, we learned a few things along the way this past weekend.
    A. I am allergic to Morphine. No fun to find that out, but at least we know for next time.
    B. After looking at the x-rays, my oncologist gets the feeling that this chemo med isn't working, so after we get rid of the pneumonia, then we need to decide which route to take next.
Thanks to all of you who have been helping out with the kids at home. Feelin' the love!


Bonnie Hynes said...

You have such an amazing support group down there, Heavenly Father is watching out for you with all those little angels! Love you! Good luck! Get well soon! And every other balloon sentiment I can't think of right now because I'm too foggy brained because Archie woke up too early! :). Love you all!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

Hospital beds are the worst! But the things they can do for you in the hospital are the BEST! I love you and your family and you guys are in our prayers ALWAYS!!! Keep your positive attitude about things and that beautiful smile because it brightens many peoples day! :) LOVE YOU!!!

Farr Family said...

So Sorry to hear you are sick- that's not fun. Hope you feel better fast!! Lots of love from St. Johns- Kimberly

terollee said...

Dang it Christa, that just stinks! I hope your feeling a little better after the procedure. I laugh every time I click on your blog and see your cute birthday boy with his amazing smile. You are doing such a great job with your kids and helping others as you go along on this journey. Hang in there fight hard your Loved.

Mandy said...

Christa and Morgan, very sorry to hear that you are in the hospital. Our baby Mason, 8 weeks old, was admitted yesterday with pneumonia and RSV. I know what you are saying about those hospital beds. Not fun. Hang in there and know we love you guys and keep you in our prayers!