Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The new superhero to hit the streets..........Birthday Man!!

Today, a new superhero was born............well actually, six years ago a superhero was born........... Birthday Man!!

 I made him this shirt to wear on his special day!
 I even personalized it!
 But when I came to his Kindergarten class to deliver his cupcakes, he didn't want me to take his picture!! Silly boy!
 Later this afternoon, we headed over to Makutu's Island. It was AMAZING!!! The slides were like this! And it was the biggest playland I have ever seen. Grown-ups were allowed on everything! Great workout!
 Sarah LOVED it!!!
 I tried a slide that went straight down......FAST! I screamed the whole time!!! Fun!
 Here are the Lund's having a great time!
 Here is Cassidy after flying off the end of the slide
 Cousin Brody loved hanging out with Will. Will only wanted two people at his "party". His cousin Brody, and his best friend, Grant.
 Here is what I created with the help of Cassidy.
 The car is the cake and "Candy Mountain" is to the right and "Present Volcano" is straight ahead.
 The kids placed the lizard there to run it over! Cake roadkill!
And here is Candy Mountain. Cassidy put a lot of work into this project. It says "Charlie" because my family loves the YouTube video "Charlie and the Unicorn" and they have a "candy mountain" in that video.
 What will I wish for?
 Big Blow!!! I think he forgot to make a wish......
 After opening presents, he didn't want to eat his cake..........

 He just wanted to build! That is so Will! (How do you just leave chocolate cake untouched?!)
 He wasn't the only one who enjoyed his toys. Lund and Morgan and I had tons of fun playing with his bucket of gears!
 And everyone loved the T-ball set with the string attached to the ball. It just bounces back to you....perfect for Will who will be starting T-ball soon.
 And here is Will with his buddy, Grant! They are soooo fun together!

This was the cutest card, I just had to show you...
Seriously, adorable!!
 But by the end of the day, I, and everyone else felt like this!!!
 And my house looks like this!!!!!!!!! It looks like a war of the Toy Village and the Candy People, with a little bit of Cake Natives thrown in!!! I think I will pretend it doesn't exist, and hit the bed.......................

Stay tuned: Cassidy's birthday is on Saturday! Teenage girls, pizza and a Kareoke machine.... I sure hope I get a nap before then! 


LUND said...

The road, the cake, the candy mountain = MAGNIFICENT!!! Great coverage of a special day for BIRTHDAY MAN! (Emily loved the shirt)
Mom and Dad Johnson

Pam said...

I love the cake! Grant had so much fun - thank you!!!