Sunday, January 15, 2012

Slip Slidin' Away!!

 What is everybody lining up for?????!!!!!!!!
 The 3rd Annual Cousins Sliding Contest, of course!!!
 All the cousins line up and get their chance to slip, slide away!
 There are three categories: Distance, Trick sliding, and Sliding with style
 Kade is going for distance here....
 And Will is probably going for style with that tongue out and all!
 Lund was going for awesome style as he played his air guitar and slid at the same time.
 Cassidy was going for the new category called "ripped pants". We will definitely have to add that next year.
 Here is the whole gang getting ready to receive their awards. Everyone received something, in good cousin fashion, but there is always one ultimate winner, and this year it was............................
And talk about humble.... Even before they announced his name, he ran up to collect his award. He just "knew" he was the BEST!


LUND said...

Will IS THE BEST in many ways. Great tradition!
Mom and Dad Johnson

Bonnie Hynes said...

Those are some great action shots Christa! Where are the pictures of you and Morgan sliding? Surely there is no age limit!

market research reports said...

Really good pictures and awesome action shots...I really like it.

Amber said...

LOVE this idea. Looks like when we start looking for a house, I NEED one with a good runway and lots of tile.