Sunday, January 29, 2012

My budding artist....

 Lately, Lund is in this position a lot.... big drawing pad on his lap, charcoals by his side, and even an occasional "artist beanie" on his head, which always cracks me up. He has always loved drawing, but lately, he spends a lot more time with his sketchpad and charcoals. I love that he is working on a talent that he has been blessed with and Lund loves to share his drawings with his dad, who is also an artist at heart. Morgan shows him different tricks for dimension and shading..............and I look on with a smile (because I have NO artistic ability!)
 The Eagle
 The dove (he drew this one for his mom)
 The Phoenix (he drew this from his imagination)
And, the wolf.   Great job Lund!


Bonnie Hynes said...

Oooooo! The Phoenix is spectacular!! Way to go Lund!

LUND said...

I am amazed at the talent Lund is developing in many different areas. Art is a fun and very useful one. I will want to see the originals when we get home.