Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Day in my Crazy Life...

I am sitting here right now trying to get my chemotherapy before I pick up the kids from school in two hours. The only problem chemo is broken! What?! Your probably thinking, "how does a liquid medicine break?" hummmmmm. But there are three nurses huddled around the computer discussing why it is broken and one on the phone with "IT" trying to figure out the computer system as well. I guess I am just so awesome that I can simultanously break a computer, an IV pump and three nurses all at once!! I should really get an award!
  Cassidy came with me to my chemo and Oncology appointment today, because she is in a LOT of pain due to getting new braces Monday.  I checked her out an Ipad, started up Angry Birds and ran in to see my Oncologist.  The conversation went something like this...."Doc, I lost another friend from on of my support groups this weekend. She was 33, just like me and had cancer in her liver just like me. And she was looking pretty good at the Christmas party just a few weeks ago. What I need to know is that you are on my "team". I need to know that you are going to fight for my life just as hard as I am!"
Doctors response, "The hard thing about support groups is that they are a two edged sword, they are sometimes helpful, but sometimes people in them die."
  "All right doc, I started taking some amazing stuff this week that is supposed to help me build up my cells during chemo and hopefully make me healthier at the same time, so I can beat this cancer."
Doctor responded, "Well, it seems like it is working because your doing well, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" (Even though it costs 600-700.00 a month).
"What about vitamins Doc? Can I take these amazing vitamins they have too?" 
"Nope. Studies have not proven that vitamins help at all."
  "Hum, ok. Doc, I went to get my brain scan on Monday and I got all the way to the MRI machine, and then they told me that my copper implant is magnetic, and that, for my safety, I can't have my brain scan. But Doc, I have been having MRI scans for the last two years and it has never been an issue."
 "Well, our machine is extra powerful"
"But I learned in Elementary school that copper isn't magnetic. Have the properties of copper changed?"
"Well, our machine is extra powerful."

A few minutes later I enter the 3rd floor chemo area. Cassidy, holding her sore mouth and a soda is with me. I check in.
Receptionist: "She can't be here. No kids on the 3rd floor"
Me: "but the last chemo room said 12 and up are allowed and she turns 13 in a couple of weeks."
Receptionist: "No kids."
Me: "Can she stay here until her grandma comes and gets her. I will call her now, but it will be a few minutes."
Receptionist: (Looks around the waiting room, which is entirely empty) "Well, I guess so, she doesn't seem to be too much trouble"

.... and so now we are back to the present.... with a "broken" chemo pump and I am pretty sure I won't be able to get the kids from school. Welcome to the wonderful world of cancer!!! he he he


Bonnie Hynes said...

Christa, I LOVE this post! I am always thinking about you guys and wondering about you guys; I love this "glimpse into the life of Christa"! Sorry it seemed to be a stressful day, you are amazing!

runningfan said...

I read the first line and thought, "She's 'squeezing in' chemo?" Like it's a run to the grocery store or something? Ha! Way to find your sense of humor, girl. Sorry that a life crisis doesn't make you exempt from red tape at the doctor's office....

Rose said...
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Rose said...

Christa, Thanx for the window into your world. You are sooo amazing! Your sense of humor hasn't failed you I see. It has in fact helped keep you a bit saner in an unsane situation. I sure love you and your family. Just keep those docs on their toes and tell them what's what. K?

Farr Family said...

I don't know how you do it! You are an inspiration to me! You are my hero!! Sending much love!