Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Baby gets married!!

My Baby brother got married this past week and I had a BLAST! Ryan has always been 10 years younger than me since the day he was born! he he he.  I took Lund Ryan with me to Vegas, since I named his middle name after my brother. That sentence sounds like it needs some editing! Anyway,  we had tons of "together" time, which was very theraputic for Lund and I. And, we had a chance to be there with family and see Ryan get married... I took a cagillian pictures, so I will only post a million...
 This is the happy couple before a home mortgage! he he he! Sorry guys, it is late! Please excuse my comments and just enjoy the show!
 Lund and his cousin Cooper. Two crazy peas in a pod!
 Here are the girls that came to the Las Vegas Temple to await the happy couple. Kayla, Candin, and Little Raelynn.
 These are the Future Missionary cousins minus Will and Brody.
 Love these boys! Kade, Cooper, and Lund
 Success!!! They are now happily wed!!!

 Young Brody looking pretty good!
 My Little Sister and her hubby..
 All the cousins that came to the wedding.
 My parents smiling big because it is their LAST wedding!!
                                                              Snazzy Coop-Dog
 Alisha and her adorable kiddos. I was having some photography fun and they were my victims of the day.
 My beautiful neice Kayla wanted a picture of herself in front of the Temple to put on her wall. She is one amazing girl!! Someday maybe I will tell you about the charitable Christmas gift she gave. Heart of gold, that one!

 And here is my wedding date! wahoo! Watch out 11-year-old girls!
 Now, onto the reception. They had some remarkable decorations, and I loved taking pics...imagine that!

They "made" this decoration! It was BEAUTIFUL!! A homemade chandelear of sorts!
And here we have Ryan and Lund Ryan. Two handsome gents!

 How adorable! this is how you signed in... with your thumbprint. It also worked in case someone was arrested and they needed a fingerprint! Doubly awesome! (Hey, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!! Except if you are looking for your thumbprint, cuz that is in Provo now on my brothers wall.)
And to finish it all off...... The happy couple was escorted outside and to their car with lots and lots and lots of sparklers!!! Wahoooooooo! Hope you have a sparkly life together!

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