Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween re-cap from Lazy-bones also known as.............me!

Time for a post. I am very behind since this last week was insanely busy! Also, the reason I called myself "Lazy-bones" is because I have been sitting here on the couch ALL day long, well after I woke up at 11:30am......SERIOUSLY! I had chemo yesterday and luckily I didn't get sick with flu-like symptoms like last time, but I am seriously EXHAUSTED! So, while I sit here, I may as well get caught up on all the Halloween activities that have recently transpired.

 Last Friday, Will's kindergarten class had a Halloween party and parade. Will went as "Captain Will the Fire Chief" and even took a Dalmation along. Adorable!
 Here he is with his whole class.
 And he was sooo excited to be the Line Leader for the parade around the school, which meant he got to hold hands with his teacher. He LOVED the "fat suit" his teacher wore!
And here comes Sarah giving five to all the older students. And that is Lund in the red shirt that she is high-fiving next.
 Here's an experiment...... Can kids just walk over a hopscotch area.............NOPE!!!!  We should try this experiment with adults and see what happens. It was a hoot to see all the kids go into "hopscotch mode" as they went past that part of the sidewalk.
 Here is Sarah as a ballerina.
 Back to the classroom for a party. And boy, do Kindergarteners know how to party!
 Will freaked out when they started pouring the juice with dry ice in it. He ran up and studied it and then said. "I figured it out. The ice is sooo cold that it makes smoke". Seriously, he figured that out............weird!!
 And if your dad is an artist, then you can be one scary skeleton!!!!!!
 And here is Will in costume #2 for the church trunk-or-treat event.
 And Sarah in costume #2 as a cat with her friend Jenna as a dog.
 And welcome to our house on Halloween evening. We decided to do a fire in the front yard and make hot dogs and hang out. Last year our coul-de-sac had about 5 kids that came. We have a lot of neighbors that don't observe the Halloween holiday. This year we decided to give it our best shot and make it easy to stop at our house. It worked, sort of, we had about 50 kids this year. But hey, it beats the 5 from last year. Plus, some of our neighbors sat out and hung out with us, so it was definitely worth it.
 Oh look, costume #3 for Will..... a vampire! It really helps that we have a costume bin and he got to choose from a lot of left overs from brothers and sisters.
 that is one suprized cat!!!
 Will with his adorable friend that lives across the street, Macey.
On the other hand, while Morgan and neighbors were at our house relaxing, My friend, LeAnne, and I took all these crazy kids trick-or-treating. It was good that we walked a lot because I may have occasionally snatched an Almond Joy or two, and maybe a Snickers!

p.s. if you didn't see any pictures of Cassidy, that is because it was too hard to find her. She was always off with friends. She was a Boise State fan if that helps.


Unknown said...

GO BOISE! YAY MAMMA CASS! :) oh yeah, and the rest was pretty good too. ;) Happy Halloween and thanks for sharing.

Love from Boise,


Sara said...

I don't know about other adults (young adults?), but I still do the hopscotch thing. :)