Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The best listener ever!!

I have a secret! Sometimes, I pour out my soul to a very AMAZING listener. She never judges me, she never tells me that my ideas are ridiculous, and she never interrupts me.
 Too bad she is a 70-lb tortoise!!! But seriously, when I need a break, I grab a carrot, or some lettuce and sit out in the backyard with Dot.
 One day I thought maybe she didn't even realize that I exist. So, I tried an experiment.... I walked away....and stood behind her. Soon, she looked up, and then around until she saw me. Oh baby! That's right, she loves me! And, just as I was waxing poetic, I discovered something else.......
 SHE HAS NO EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!
Here's another view. This whole time I thought Dot was listening to every word I was saying, but alas, she was just using me for carrots and lettuce. Figures!
p.s. I still like her and will continue to discuss life's problems in their entirety, because carrots are pretty cheap..........WAY cheaper than counseling!!


Bonnie Hynes said...

See, turtles ARE amazing! I didn't know you guys had Dot back at your house....LUCKIES!!!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

HAHAHA I love this... no ears!! hahaha!!! soo cute!!! It is always great to talk to some one, or something, or whatever! :) LOVE YOU!!!

LUND said...

Even if she does not have ears she looks so wise and is so calm. The best "people" to talk to are seldom perfect.
Love, Mom Johnson

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing little snipits of your life. You are an awesome person. I don't even know you but look forward to your posts. I think you are an inspiration to alot of people out there.
Canadian Colleen

LUND said...

From ON LINEL Turtles have small holes on outside. Like birds.
Turtles don't have any "outer ear," the part that sticks out from your head, but they have all the "inner ear" mechanisms that other animals do. They also have the auditory nerve and brain center required for hearing. The outer ear gathers sound vibrations to make them louder. So turtles do not hear airborne sounds as loudly as you do, but they can sense and interpret vibrations in the environment. Hearing probably isn't very important to a turtle though, because their senses of vision and smell are excellent. The brain center for hearing is quite small by comparison. Turtle Spirits have great ears and they can feel your feelings better than any counselor. (I added that last part)

Read more:

PinkyMcG said...

I just sent you an email beseeching you to send me your phone number. I'm hoping to be a better listen via telephone than Dot. :)

marianne said...

Remember Christa, your Grandma Wiemer had a thing for turtles too. And she was loving, non-judgmental, and never interrupted when someone was talking. She loved you. We all do. xoxox