Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mr. Gallbladder, I wouldn't be sad to see you go!!!

Yes, Mr. Gallbladder, I wouldn't be sad at all if they took you out and sent you somewhere far, far away...... Like Antartica!!!
   You see, over the past month I have been to the ER a couple of times in SEVERE pain, thinking something was going on with the cancer in my body. After much testing and many co-pays of 100.00 a piece, the ultrasound tech let me know that the pain was coming because of my gallbladder. ARRRGGGG! I don't even need a galbladder, especially not one chock full of gallstones!!!
  So, I have decided that you need to hit the road Gally! I just haven't decided when, since it depends on my new chemo meds and the approval of my doctor. But, mark my words, you won't see 2012!!!
     P.S. A note to my surgeon: While you are taking my gallbladder out, can you just go ahead and take all the other useless organs out as well? Such as my appendix, and tonsils, and anything else that seems a bit useless and redundant!! Thanks!
     P.P.S Can you tell that I am having a gallstone attack as I write this.....much anger in me there is!!


Bonnie Hynes said...

I love your mr gallbladder picture! He sure looks like a shady character!

Farr Family said...

You are so strong and such an example to me!! Thanks for posting your story! You always give me the strength to keep going when I am tired or having a fun day. I love reading your blog and just being uplifting by your positive, amazing words. Don't ever stop shining!!!
We love ya- Kimberly

Cassie and Chad said...

I am so sorry for your gallbladder pain. I got mine out a few years ago and it was filled with stones (saw pictures, pretty cool). Good luck and I hope you bid him farewell really soon! :)