Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birthdays and butterflies and food...oh my!

First of all, I had a birthday.....shout hooray!! 33, here I come!!!! Birthdays are kind of fun, because I am always very grateful for another year in mortality! Hooray for life!
I also love my birthday because October Conference is always right after my birthday and I get to spend the whole weekend in jammies listening to amazing speakers! Oh how I love General Conference!
 For lunch, we met at Joe's Farmhouse Grill. Yummmmmy! My sister Alisha and my mom and I.
                      And even my dad was able to make it since he had the day off. Wahoo!
 Oh, and there was cake!!! Oh baby, ice cream cake!! Thank you Morgan!
                                                     yummy!!! Maybe you should break it down a bit Will!
 Then, on Sunday we followed our tradition of making pot stickers on Conference weekend. This time we even had an assembly line created by Sarah.
 We made over 200 today, so it was good that we had company coming for dinner.
 And, we had a visitor this weekend....Dot!!! Warren (Morgan's brother), thought she was pretty awesome.
 Warren said that he had to see how heavy she was.  He was quite impressed! I think she is about 70lbs now! was time to let the butterflies go! Sarah has been taking care of her pet butterflies since they were mere worms from the mailbox. And today, it was time to let them free!

 Sarah is very good with all animals, and the butterflies all loved her! (In fact, most of them didn't want to leave and kept coming back)
 Hello, I am a butterfly!!! My tongue is called a probiscus! (Sarah told me that fact)
And here are some of our wonderful guests today... the Christensen family. They were a ton of fun and we enjoy Sunday dinner guests. We also had Warren and my parents over trying to help eat all the wonderful Japanese food. sooooooo yummmmmy!!!


Jeremy and Ruth said...

P.S. is it so much fun to live with the animal whisperer!? She is soo sweet I'm not surprised the animals feel comfortable around her.

PSS Karver said his 1st official prayer all by himself.. it was as follows,
"Heavenly Father, thank you day, I had fun, bless pista (christa) name of Jesus Christ Amen!"

ya, your pretty important! :) Love you and your family!! :)

Farr Family said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Lots of love all the way from St. Johns!! I thought of you on the 30th!! We love your family!
Love ya- Kimberly

LUND said...

I knew who that baby is, too. I am sure he will look much the same in 18 years when he heads out into the mission field perhaps while his older brother is still serving. What a birthday! Sorry that we missed the pot stickers.
Love you so,
Mom Karen and Papa Lund