Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweet Relief!!!

I am sitting here writing and feel very relieved to express my gratitute to a loving Heavenly Father that sees fit to keep me around a bit longer.
  Let me begin on Monday.... We met with the Dr. at Mayo and everything seemed to be going well. Then I mentioned to him that I get really bad headache/migraines on the weeks that I don't have chemotherapy. He thought about it for a minute and replied that the most likely scenario was that my body was getting dependent on the steriods that they give me right before chemo because, possibly, my brain tumors were swelling and the steriods would keep the swelling down. Then on my "off" week from chemo, I would feel the migaines.
 I asked him what this meant... He said that if they saw swelling in my brain, then I would have to take steriods all the time and I would also no longer be able to take my experiemental chemo. (You know the one, the one that is keeping me alive!!)
 So, as you can see, this week I have been REALLY stressed and worried and emotional. The doctor set up an MRI for my brain on Friday morning (this morning).
   This morning I went into the MRI pretty down in the dumps. Luckily, I had a beautiful blessing from Morgan and his father last night, so I had that going for me.
    Fast forward to lunchtime today. I met with my mom and sister for a fun lunch. But, then I noticed that the coordinator from Mayo had already called me when my phone was turned off. I started freaking out in my mind. Is it good that they called back so soon????? Is is so bad that I need to rush to the hospital??
So, I called back only to find that she had just left for lunch...for an hour!!!
   Pretty much, I didn't have much of an appitite after that, so thank you mom and Leesh for putting up with me.
  After a torturous hour, I finally got through to the clinic coordinator, and luckily for me, she told me right off the bat "I have good news!" So my heart heaved a sigh of relief...." Not only are there no new signs of swelling in your brain, but also the tumors have DECREASED in size!"
  Wahoooooooooo... I wasn't even thinking about them decreasing, that totally through me for a loop!!!! So, now I am really excited to see the neurologist because I am just a "regular" person with migraines!!!
Thank you for all the prayers that you offer in my behalf, I feel they were truly answered today!!

 This evening, Morgan came home with a present for me! The newest edition of the movie 17 Miracles, this one is called 18 Miracles and I am in it!!!! he he he 
                             And we had fun sharing these tonight.... I LOVE YOU MORGAN!!!


runningfan said...

Congrats, girl! That's awesome!

Bonnie Hynes said...

Yay for miracles!!

PinkyMcG said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! So happy for you!