Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gilbert Days and David Archelletta

Last Saturday our family headed over to the Gilbert Civic Center to see the new Sept. 11th memorial. They brought in a beam from the twin towers and they had everyone's name who lost their lives on plaques surrounding the memorial.
It was a very solemn, reverent display..
Here is the family minus a hidding Will.
Sarah loved the snowcones because you got to put your own flavor on.
  And Will asked Cassidy for a bite of her snowcone. Then he took a bite out of her cup?!!!  He's a weirdy!!
 Then they started the concert......... David Archeletta. The kids loved it and Lund and Cassidy got as close to the front as they could. But Morgan and I and the Littles just found a nice spot in the back in the grass and let them run around.
 Sarah and Will took turns being the "horse".
                                              Lund and I hanging out and watching the patriotic concert..
 Then they started the fireworks...... and Will was sooooooooooooo nervous about it!!!
WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bonnie Hynes said...

You guys all look great! What fun!

PinkyMcG said...

next time you will have to come to new york to see the memorial. :) glad they are taking a bit of new york to other parts of the country. miss you!