Friday, August 26, 2011

Our week in review....

I haven't been on another planet this week, just busy. Morgan was out of town for three days, so when I hit the pillow each night I was exhausted. I told him when he got back in town that he isn't allowed to leave anytime soon, cuz it was too exhausting. But enough about me, here is what went on in the rest of the household...
 Sarah had a really, really loose tooth this week. I would have pulled it a LONG time before this. I wasn't a patient child when it came to teeth.
 ........but eventually, it gave in. The permanent tooth was already poking through....
 We hosted a family dinner at our house and my younger sister and her family was there.
 And even my younger brother from BYU showed up with his adorable girlfriend, Kirsten.
 Then Cassidy stole my camera and took an amazing picture of Morgan. Oh, the view of a 12-year-old who loves her daddy!
 And baby Raelynn is always so adorable!!
And today Sarah dropped a plate on her feet and cut herself pretty bad. Instead of going to the ER to get her stitched up, we went to our neighbors house and they fixed her up. He is a dentist and it all worked out o.k. Poor Sarah lost a tooth and almost a toe this week. It wasn't really THAT bad, but it sure bled a lot.

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LUND said...

Busy week but you survived -- I could have done more -- sorry, but you succeeded and all is well -- except Sarah's tooth and foot. Glad to have you back on Blog.
I am so glad to be here -- even with the RECORD HEAT THE LAST TWO DAYS.