Friday, April 8, 2011

Cub Scouts and a hospital update...

I will give you a short update from my hospital bed and then tell you about my Cub Scout adventure this week to tour the Peter Piper Pizza.
Hospital Update: They are keeping me here captive until they figure out the infection they found in my blood. They have to "grow" it in a lab for 48 hours and so hopefully tomorrow they will have some definite answers for me. They are pretty sure that it is Staff infection, which is common in patients such as myself who have ports.
They may have to take the port out if that is the problem, but I don't really mind that.
I have already had two radiation treatments on my brain and I have eight more to go. Morgan and I will still be going to Mayo Clinic this Thursday as planned to see if they have any other options for me.
The tumors on my brain are acutally so small that I should have been having headaches at all, so the fact that I got into the ER with headaches was definitely a blessing. Headaches are a weird blessing, but I'll take it. Also, my Oncologist said that the success rate with radiation treatments to the brain is very successful, about 80% success rate. Also, we are hoping that my stubborn hair will stick through the procedure, but that isn't likely. I do have stubborn, thick hair though, so you never know!!
Here is the patient manager explaining to the boys how to make the pizzas. They were full of curiousity and questions.

Then onto the best part, making their own pizzas!!

They got to pick their own toppings and customize it themselves! They loved it!

And this is my favorite Scout!!!... I am quite fond of this little man!!!!

At the very end they got their "Official Pizza Maker Certificates". They even came with a coupon for a free pizza the next time they come. Sweet!!!
And here is the end product! Such adorable boys!


Jeremy and Ruth said...

OHHHHH I want peter Pipper Pizza, well,, I am guessing after a few days of hospital food you too wouldntmind some right! :) If i were there I would bring you some,andyummy chocolate cake... :) Love you and thank you thank you for keeping us informed you are constantly on my mind! :)

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

What fun scout outing. Nice of PP Pizza to sponsor them and let them into their kitchen.... I am not so sure I would want a pizza from a kitchen that has been invated by 10Cub Scouts and all that goes with them. But it is a wonderful idea.
Also soooooo haaaaaappy you are back from the hospital stay and Dr. someMath is in your history.

Farr Family said...

Looks like so much fun! Can I be a scout in your group?? And I love the peanut butter playdough!! I will have to remember that one! I am so sorry about your latest fun at the hospital! You are strong and you can do it! We love you sooooooooo much!
Love ya- Kimberly