Thursday, April 7, 2011

The 411 from my hospital bed...

You ever feel like you could really use a hug???
 This picture of Will's dinosaur was taken yesterday right before I got him off on the preschool school bus and situated Sarah with Grandpa Johnson so I could get myself over to the ER.
 Here's my story: I have been having "sinus headaches" for about a week and a half and they have been getting progressively worse. I have tried Benadryl, Nyquil, Dayquil, Tylonel, etc... but after a while, nothing was even touching the pain. I had a bit of a cough too that would send me into some coughing fits every once in a while, but I didn't have a runny nose or any other symptoms either. I just figured my allergies had given me a sinus infection. By Thursday (yesterday), I was about fed up with the pain and just felt like banging my head against a wall to get some relief. I called my oncologist and he ordered an antibiotic and a CT scan for the following week or so, whenever they could get me in. But as the day progressed, so did my headache. I decided to ditch the waiting game and headed over to the ER. I have been there before and it is great for diagnostics. I got a CT scan and they scanned my lungs as well. Soon the doctor came in to tell me that they found pnuemonia-like presence in my lungs, but that the headache must just be allergies. he said I could just go home and try some allergy medicine and take an antibiotic for the pnuemonia. Then he looked at the report for about 30 seconds just to verify what he had said, and then his head came up with a stunned expression. "What a minute.... they found something on your right frontal lobe of your brain. Nevermind, your not going home. Let me get on the phone with the nuerosurgeon." And he was gone. They decided to get an MRI to get to the bottom of the brain issue. I only cried a little bit while in the MRI tube, but I made it through (I HATE MRI's, they are soooooooooooo clostraphobic!). But it needed to be done, so I just pretending that I was on a beach with my parents who got to Hawaii yesterday, and the banging was just the Polynessian drums as they celebrated. I haven't ever been to Hawaii, so it was a stretch, but it worked. Last time I had an MRI, I bribbed myself with ice cream. Whatever works!!!
 Anyhow, they decided to admit me to the hospital and at midnight we reached our room on the Oncology floor. After a fitful night of sleeping, the nurse came in at 4am and asked me how I had sleept. I told her the night was still young, and I planned to sleep some more, thankyouverymuch!
 At 7am, my Oncologist came in to give me the news..."The MRI shows multiple cancer tumors throughout your brain. I hate to be the one to tell you this...(expression never never does). We can't give you chemo because it can't pass the blood/brain barrier, but we will start you on whole brain radiation immediately. I called off the nuerosurgeon, because the amount of tumors make them inopperable. But, radiation to the brain is pretty successful, about 80% success rate. So that is good." (expression not changing). He explained that basically we will be fighting the cancer fight on two fronts, the brain as one battle and the soft tissue with the lungs, heart, and stomach as another. The cancers will take seperate medicines and I am also taking heavy antibiotics for the pnuemonia and a gram positive cocci they found in my blood. (I did my research and they are still trying to figure out if it is a staph infection or a strep infection, they just give it the "gram-positive cocci name to confuse you.")
 Crud, the Benedryl just kicked in... a am verrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy drowsy! I have been reallly itchy because of the Morphine, so now onto the Benedryl. Wow, I am loaded with meds right now. woooooooo.......
 Let me just hurry and finish the update. Then onto pee, and bed.................
 My older sis, Alisha came by the hospital in the afternoon to give me a needed hug and check in on my. My little sister Becky watched a "pink-eyed" Sarah all day, and I BEGGED my parents to stay in Hawaii and not hop the next flight home. They have never been on a long relaxing trip like this and I hope they have a glorious time and bring back lots of pictures. Pictures of other places are very theraputic for me!!!
 Speedy now... I am going to lala land fast. In the evening, Morgan brought the kids down to see Mom and to assure them that I am alright and that hospitals aren't sooo scary.
 Sarah handed me one of the flowers that Morgan brought me earlier and had me smell it.... beautiful and very fragrant!
 Cassidy had on her "serious-face", and when I asked her about it, she said. "How can I read 48 hours this month, I need to read a goal for school?" The elephant in the room might just step on her foot soon, but we all handle life crisis' differently!  Love you Cass! She wore of my belts to school today over her shirt in an interesting style (sooo Cassidy!) and some kids in her class even made me get well cards. She really is very, very thoughtful! She even wore her "Team Breanna" shirt in memory of my little friend that died of Luekemia a little while ago.
  And Will wanted to be a doctor too, so here is Dr. Will in his surgical glove (He still needs a little practice)
  Here I am getting introduced to "Dr Will".  He also said eating these chips are the best medicine. I never actually tasted one though because they all went into his mouth. He he he
 The nurse is showing Will how to work the IV meds.
 Lund was pretending to be the "sick patient" being treated my doctors Sarah and Nurse Cassidy who is checking his pulse. Dr. Will is just smiling and not really working. He must be an ER doctor........ he he he. My own ER humor!!!

And this was my LEAST favorite part of the day when I got fitted for my custom head mask for radiation. This pastic material goes on your face very hot and I tried to jump right up, but you are bolted to the table. After a few seconds, the heat wore off and then after a few minutes of cholostrophobia, they take off the mask... of you! It is crazy! Then you wear this mask into the radiation chamber room and they buckle your head to a table so you don't move your brain at all. Soooooooooooooooooo not fun, but it is all over in the space of five minutes. I will get 10 days of this radiation, so not as bad as the chest radiation (34 days).
And that moves me onto my favorite part of the day... eating a bright red gumball that Cassidy brought for me and gazing lovingly at the BEAUTIFUL flowers my hubby brought me. He is simply amazing!! His sisters trained him well. he is always by my side, and ALWAYS brings flowers when I am in the hospital. I sure do love my man!!!!
 That is all for now, now you know exactly how much I know (which isn't all too much). I am hopefully going home tomorrow, but everything is still up in the air. I love you all very, very much and feel your prayers and thought in my small room.................
    No time to edit tonight, so just excuse any gramatic errors (even though it is a huge pet peeve of mine when I make any grammatic errors!)


Bonnie Hynes said...

Love you Christa! I love your kids playing doctor in your are great tension breakers. WIll's curiosity is adorable, Cassidy's intensity is all too familiar to me :), Sarah's smile is so sweet and Lund is such a trooper. Thanks Morgan for taking such good care of Christa! We love you guys!

Lydia Hulse said...

Love and Big Hugs! Those pics were really cool, except the one of the mask, that was pretty freaky. :) Yesterday was opening ceremonies for Little League, you guys were missed! I love you so much and wish I could take some of the pain for you. Miss ya, TTFN...Ta Ta For Now.

Wilson Winners said...

Big hugs from Boise! We think about you everyday, and love the pictures of your adorable little family. Thank you SO much for keeping this blog. I really appreciate being able to know how your life is going. I love you, I am sorry you are having to do radiation again, but I am glad that there is something they can do to shrink those jerky brain tumors.

Love from Boise,

Heather and Family

Erin said...

Love you, Christa! Sorry your amazing brain is giving you fits. And, I love those kids... I always think about how hard this is on you, but they are such little troopers because I'm sure this is hard on them, too. Anyway... we love and pray for you.

Mindy said...

Hey Christa, I know it has been a really long time, but for the past few days I felt a nagging feeling that I should touch base with you all. Chad & I have thought of you all often in the last 13 years. It is amazing that the last time we saw you, you were a newly married couple. And now look at the beautiful spirits that you have been blessed with. Your family is always in our hearts and prayers. Please know that if you ever need anything, we would love to help. Especially if it includes you all needing to run away to Georgia. We would take you all in a heart beat.

Lots of Love, (From the South)
The Durden Family

Mike said...

Hello Christa, Thanks so much for this latest update...we think of you all the time and want you to know that we are praying for you and your sweet Family. The Wiemer's (at least on my side) are terrible with writing and sending cards, but want you to know we love and adore you and Morgan and the kids. I can't believe how well you write with all the meds going through your body! You amaze us with your positive attitude and sharp wit and observations! We love you, Mike, Karen, Rachel, Ingemar & Danielle Wiemer from Layton, Utah

Laurel Nielson said...

Girl! You are the most amazing, strong and beautiful people I know. I am here if you need ANYTHING at all. I am going to bring you much needed sugar cookies!